How To Repurpose Antiques to Organize Your Home

You do not have to have an old house to be able to use antiques. There are many antique items that you can buy from shops, garage and estate sales that are quite unique and may find a good place in one of the rooms in your house. You may even have some antiques stored in your attic because you do not know where and how you will use them. Antiques are not only decorative; they can be used to serve a different purpose from the one with which it was originally created for. Repurposing antiques can be a worthwhile decorating endeavor if you know what to look for and how to use them. Take a look at some tips below on how to repurpose antiques to organize your home.

  • An old wooden chest can be used as a low table. The inside can be divided into sections to store different items. Most of these are made of solid hardwood that will look very elegant and beautiful when stained and polished or painted in a color that complements the room where it will be placed. It can also be placed at the foot of the bed as a bench and storage bin for extra bed sheets and other bed linens.
  • Did you see an old window that is intricately carved? Perhaps you find that the grill work is very interesting. You can use this as a great headboard. Clean and strip old on the window. Repaint it or if the wood grain looks quite good, stain the wood and apply furniture wax or seal it with two to three layers of clear varnish. Nail or hang it on the wall on top of your bed to give a different look to your room and to your bed.
  • If you find an old door that is still in good condition, this can be turned into a study table. Look for wood that will match the old window and use these to make the feet to make a table. Repair nicks and scratches and the hole for the doorknob. Paint the door or varnish it. If you need corner tables you can always cut the door in half to have two matching tables that can be placed in your living or family room.
  • Old colored bottles can be cleaned and used as bud vases. There are some blue, green and golden amber bottles that you can usually find at garage sales. These are usually sold very cheap but can lend elegant details to a stark corner. They will look particularly good in areas where light can shine through the bottles.
  • Antique boxes and crates that are still in good condition can be cleaned and spray-painted or lacquered and be used as new storage bins. These can be used to hold books, toys, magazines, knickknacks, CDs and DVDs. A strong crate can be turned upside down and used as a table or a stool.
  • Antique bowls and saucers that do not belong to a set can be used to store small items on the dresser. They can also be used to hold pins, paper clips and other small items to organize your work desk. Some saucers can be used as soap holders for the bathroom.

Repurposing antiques is a recycling endeavor that will help you to make good use of some old or heirloom items that are too valuable to sell or may have a sentimental value that prevent you from parting with them. Your decorating flair can come to the fore when you think of ways to use antiques to bring focus and new uses to them.


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