How To Repurpose Hairpieces

Some women love to wear different hairstyles for different occasions. While some have the luxury of having long hair that can be styled professionally, some are not so lucky. One alternative is to buy hairpieces. But what do you do when you get tired of the hairpieces that you have collected? The answer is to repurpose them, meaning that you create new styles from the old one and give them a new look that will make you enjoy new hairstyles from oil hairpieces. Take a look at some of these ideas on how to repurpose hairpieces.

  • If you have a long hairpiece made from human hair that you find outdated, you can bring new life to the hairpiece by giving it a new look. Bring your hairpiece to a professional hair cutter and stylist and have it cleaned or shampooed. Ask the stylist to update the look of the hairpiece. You can either have it layered or cut shorter or if it is already layered, you can ask the stylist to give it a blunt cut. You can also ask her to cut a fringe so the hairpiece will sport bangs.
  • Another way to give new life to a hairpiece is to have it curled. If it is made from human hair, you can have it styled in loose, soft waves that will frame your face and will look good for cocktails and other dress-up socials.
  • If you have longish hair that can already be caught into a ponytail but not long enough to fall gently, have the hairpiece cut and sewn into a wide, flat piece. You can use this to wind around your own hair to hide the shorter strands and clip it around the ponytail. Use a scrunchie or a decorative band to hide the tape.
  • If you are looking at changing your natural hair color but do not actually want to dye it, you can dye a hairpiece that is made from human hair. The process in dyeing hairpiece is the same and the only difference is that the hairpiece will not grow so you will be stuck with the color that you have used. You can vary the hairstyles that you can do with the hairpiece or have it cut short in a new flattering hairstyle that suits you.
  • You can make several hair extenders from old hairpieces. You can braid them, curl them and color them and be as wild as you can to create new hairdos and hair accents that can be made to suit your mood or occasion.
  • If you have a collection of several hairpieces in different styles, why not save it and let the kids wear them for costume parties and other occasions where they may want to change their look. Old hairpieces will look good curled, colored and styled into wacky hairdos for children.

Make sure that the hairpiece is of the same color as your hair so that the repurposed hairpiece will not standout and be glaringly different from your natural hair, unless you are creating accents for your hair such as extenders and clip-on highlights. Keep them clean and washed based on instructions so they will not cause your scalp to itch or irritated.


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