How To Request a Birthday Greeting from President Barack Obama

With the current fast-paced lifestyle today, pollution, diet and more stress brought about by daily living, the mortality rate grows higher that senior citizens are considered very blessed to live up to their eighties. When US President Barack Obama came into office he wants to establish the most open and accessible administration. The President is very family-oriented with high regard for the senior members of society. He wants to honor the senior citizens and give them more cherished memories. And one of the things that the President do for the senior citizens is to bring them cheer when they celebrate their birthdays is to greet them. Below is how you can request for a birthday greeting from President Barack Obama.

  • You and the recipient/s should be citizens of the United States of America and must be living in the United States to have your request for birthday greetings granted. Due to the sheer number of requests for birthday greetings, the office that handles this affair is regularly swamped with requests that processing them can be slower than usual even if the greetings office is open daily, twenty-four hours a day. Make sure that you send the request way in advance to allow for the mail to reach the office and allow the staff to evaluate and screen the request. Send the request at least six weeks to two months prior to the birthday of the person you want to greet.
  • The White House Greetings Office only accepts requests for birthday greetings for those persons who will be turning eighty or older on their birthdays. The request should be done in writing and sent to the White House Greetings Office, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. 20502-0039 or via fax to 202-395-1232 for a faster service. This will not guarantee though that the greeting will come on time although it is assured that the greeting will be sent. The greeting comes in the form of a birthday card.
  • Provide the name and residence information of the recipient, the title or form of address used by the recipient, the day, month and year he or she was born. You should include your full name and daytime contact number in the written request. You can also specify whether you want the greeting card delivered to yours or to the recipient’s address.
  • With the number of requests for greetings, which include golden wedding anniversaries, baby’s birth, Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts God Awards, and Bar Mitzvahs, it can take as long as four months before the greeting can reach you. Since this is the case now, it will be yours and the recipient’s interest not to announce that you have requested a birthday greeting from President Barack Obama. It will be more wonderful when the birthday celebrants gets it unannounced in the mail.

The birthday greeting is signed by the President and his wife. It can be a cherished possession of senior member of society. Help them enjoy the greeting more by preserving it. You can have it encased in an elegant picture frame and displayed where the senior citizen will have the chance to see it regularly to bring him or her more cheer.


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