How To Research an Orthodontist Career

Becoming an orthodontist is something that you do not just decide upon in just as easy as 1-2-3. You must research the career very well so you can understand everything that it entails and so as to help you in deciding whether or not you must get the profession for yourself. The good news for you is that these days, you can easily research an orthodontist career, as there are more and more sources that you can use. Here, check out these tips to help you in your researching task:

  • Visit the website of the AAO or the American Association of Orthodontists. Visit AAO’s website at and navigate to the student section. You will see there information about the typical day in the life of an orthodontist. Here, you will also know more information regarding the necessary training and education you need to undergo to get this profession. Plus, you can also find a list here of the accredited programs across the United States that you can choose from.
  • Research for careers in the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics at Here, you will see all the detailed information about the career. This also includes job outlook predictions and salary information.
  • Check for videos highlighting the orthodontist career. There are several websites in the Internet such as that can give you a digital image of the career. This will help you see for yourself what an orthodontist is and also explain to you the skills needed for you to be an orthodontist. This will also give you a good view of the typical workplace setting of orthodontists.
  • Use other online resources for your research. Besides the above-mentioned websites, you will see a lot of other information on orthodontist career in the Internet. Find articles about the career and get some time to read them. What is better about doing the research online is that you can limit your search in your locality or your country. This way, you can be certain that the information you will be getting will be of real help to you in the end.
  • Talk to an orthodontist personally in your locality. Find professional orthodontists in your area and interview them during a day when you can see them at work. However, prior to the interview, make sure that you know the questions you must be asking them. You can also ask about what training they got, how they got the training, and even why they happened to choose this profession. Bring a pen and paper where you can note down new learning from the interview.
  • Read some books about orthodontist career. Go to a local library and find books that talk about orthodontist careers. There are a lot of book sources that you can use to help you understand more the career. There are even magazines, videos, and other sources that you can get from the library. Don't hesitate to ask the librarian for recommendations of references for your research.

It really is important that you understand very well the career first prior to deciding whether to go or not to go for this profession. This will not only prepare yourself better for the career but this will also shape up your career for the better in the event that you choose this profession in the end. Good luck!


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