How To Research Salary Ranges and Benefits for a Fashion Designer

Most of the successful fashion designers didn’t choose this career because of the salary and benefits that they could derive from this work. They chose fashion design because of passion. If not, why would they indulge in a highly competitive, demanding, and intimidating career that pays lower than other careers? So if you want to be a fashion designer, you must want it because of passion. But it would also help to know the salary ranges and usual benefits of being a fashion designer. The following are ways on how you can research the salary ranges and the usual benefits that fashion designers receive:

  • Ask a fashion designer. The most reliable person to ask about the salary ranges and benefits of being a fashion designer is a fashion designer. She surely knows how much you will get as a newbie fashion designer and what you can do to increase your salary. She also knows the usual benefits of being a fashion designer and how these benefits should be handled to your advantage. Talk with her and you’ll get to know more than just the salary and benefits. You’ll also learn the nature of a fashion designer’s job.
  • Consult online career guides. There are websites like PayScale that give statistics of salary ranges and benefits based on career, experience, place, and employer. Search for fashion designer and you’ll access data about it. According to this website, fashion designers in the United States receive an annual salary of $40,000 to $70,000. The common health benefits are medical, vision, and dental.
  • You’ll also learn the popular employers in the country, ratio of fashion designers depending on gender, and years of experience. You’ll get information about possible career improvement in the future like being a chief fashion designer, technical designer, or product development manager. Be more specific on your search by trying different cities and employers.
  • Visit the concerned government department. In the United States, the concerned government agency about labor statistics is the Bureau of Labor. You may visit their website or visit their local office to get information about fashion designers. They have statistics similar to the online career guide mentioned above. The only difference is that government data are more reliable than independent data.
  • Have a talk with a career counselor. Career counselors are working with the academe to help students make a career choice. Take advantage of this by asking to talk with a fashion design school’s career counselor. This professional will orient you on what to expect from being a fashion designer. The orientation will always include the salary ranges and benefits.

You may also ask the career counselor about the advantages of enrolling in that school compared to other fashion design schools. Among the top degrees that lead to being a fashion designer are Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Associate of Arts, and Bachelor of Science.

Learning what to expect if you become a fashion designer is an important step into decided whether to take this path or not. But always remember that the salary ranges and benefits are only secondary to what is essential to being a fashion designer. You have to have passion like the world-renown fashion designers. Without the love for fashion design, you will never be happy with what you will do despite the monetary success.


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