How To Reset a Sansa MP3 Player

It’s hard to live without music because it is already part of our daily lives and it is part of our integral nature as humans. The days of cassette tapes and CDs are over. Today, people listen to songs using their portable MP3 players. Sansa is one of the foremost MP3 player manufacturers. Their portable gadget line is produced by SanDisk. There are times that you need to reset a Sansa MP3 player to change the songs and amend the features of your player. Below are guides on how to reset a Sansa MP3 player.

  • Reset Sansa MP3 player through command. Push the MP3 player’s power switch. Push it downward and hold the position until the device is turned off. Press the “Record” button and then the “Menu” button until the MP3 player resets. To turn your MP3 player on, push the Power switch upwards until it turns back on.
  • Reset Sansa MP3 through switch. Push the power button downwards and hold it until the power turns off. Open your device to inspect and amend the default settings to your liking.
  • Force-reset the Sansa MP3 player through power-cutting. Remove the screws at the back part of the portable MP3 player. You can also push off the lid if your model device doesn’t use screws. Take the batteries out from their slot and wait until the screen turns black. Reinsert the batteries to open the device. Then, close the lid of the portable device. Turn on the device to check the default settings.
  • Keep the firmware version of Sansa MP3 player updated. Your device will experience minimal freezing if it’s updated. Visit Sansa’s website to download the firmware updater software. You must download the updater software even if your MP3 player is in good condition to ensure that your device will be free from technical glitches.
  • Reformat the memory card regularly. This is needed especially if the card is infected with viruses. Scan your memory card before reformatting to save important files. Remember that reformatting is the last resort. To reformat your memory card, scan it in a computer with an updated antivirus application. This will remove any malevolent applications. Update your antivirus software before scanning for assurance. Reformatting is also a way to reset your player.

Next time, always have a backup of the files installed in device and memory card especially if you’re downloading data directly into the device. Have a regular scanning and back-up data schedule. Save the data that you don’t frequently use in your computer, portable drives, or CDs to free memory card space.

The current slot player has the slotRadio Bundle, slotRadio player, and the slotMusic player. There are also the Sansa Fuze+, Sansa View, and Sansa Clip+. Some of the discontinued units are Sansa Fuze, Sansa Clip, Sansa Shaker, Sansa Express, c200 series, c100 series, m200 series and Sansa Connect.

Having a MP3 player like Sansa will make your everyday life brighter. The series of MP3 players have lots of features like equalizers, FM radio, and the capability to play different file formats. If you’ll buy a pre-owned Sansa, ensure that it still has warranty and you’ll buy only from a reputable power seller.


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