How To Reset an eMachine Computer

The eMachine computer is a budget machine which is not really designed for heavy duty use such as gaming but gives an acceptable performance considering its low cost. It comes with regular features that you can expect from an inexpensive computer such as certain processors, USB ports, a modem, jacks for front audio and microphone purposes, a CD drive, and others. It can also have Windows XP or Vista operating systems already installed on it. If you currently own an eMachine computer, there will always be a chance that you may need to reset it when certain circumstances necessitate you to do so. PCs are always at a risk of encountering viruses or other types of malware and resetting may be one good way of restoring the system should it encounter these situations. The process of resetting an eMachine, while not difficult, still calls for a bit of knowledge on how to go about doing it. The following steps are listed below to help you do this.

  • Turn off your computer. If your computer can be shut down as you normally do, proceed to shut it down. However, if you are having a problem and the computer does not seem to respond to the regular shut-down process, unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Plug the computer back in. After you have shut off your computer, you will need to start it again. Plug it back in and proceed to press on the button for power. When “Press F11 to start recovery” appears on your computer screen, locate the F11 button and press on it a few times so that it is able to register. When the screen for recovery refuses to appear, you will need to turn off your computer again and re-start until the recovery screen is viewed and you can begin the process.
  • Pick out the appropriate selection. There are a couple of recovery options that you will be shown to select from on your recovery screen. Select the Full System Restore option, which allows you to shift your hard disk’s contents into C:\My Backup. This will keep important files created, safe from being deleted. You may however need to reinstall computer applications.
  • Complete the Full System Restore process. The process of fully restoring the system takes a bit of time, according to how old or how efficient your eMachine may be. Simply wait for it to work on itself, and once that is accomplished, your computer will restart on its own. Since it will be restarting on safety mode, this may take a little time as well. After this is done, you will now start the process of reinstalling your computer applications. Although you have saved important computer-created files, the applications used for them will need reinstalling.

The longer you make use of your eMachine, the more files you will be accumulating, which would greatly affect its performance speed. Viruses can cause the same symptom as well. Aside from resetting it, you may want to begin removing programs from the computer, which you no longer need so that you will be able to restore it to its original state.


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