How To Resilver your Mirror

To make sure you look good, you need a mirror to look at your reflection. A mirror is not only used to see your reflection, this is also used to decorate the house. After some time, the mirror can have marks, discoloration and reflection will not be as clear as before. This is not a pretty sight. Instead of buying a new mirror, you can resilver this especially if you have an antique mirror or a mirror that has sentimental value to you. A mirror has silver backing which is making it reflective. Changing this will make your mirror look beautiful again. You can resilver the mirror by yourself or you can find a professional to do the job.

Here are the steps on how to resilver your mirror.

  • Check the mirror. Resilvering the mirror will make it clear as new. This will remove the discoloration and marks. However, if the surface of the mirror is damaged, this will not be fixed by resilvering. Since the mirror will be clear again, this might even make the damages more visible. That’s why it’s very important to check the mirror for damages. If it’s badly damaged, resilvering may not be your best option. You better get a new mirror instead.
  • Buy resilvering mirror kit. You can buy this on any store selling furniture restore supply. You can also search the Internet for this. There are sites that offer resilvering mirror kit online. One of these is The kit will contain all necessary things you need to resilver your mirror. If this is your first time to use the kit or do resilvering, it’s best to try this on a small mirror, which is not that of value. This is to check if you will like the result or not. Instead of resilvering your most precious mirror and be sorry in the end.
  • Remove painted backing and silver. Before starting with the process, make sure to wear gloves and goggles for protection. Turn the mirror to see the back. You will see the painted backing. This needs to be removed by stripping. The paint stripper is usually included on the kit. If not, you can purchase this on any store selling home improvement supplies. Remove old painted backing using your paint stripper. Once done, you can proceed removing the silver part of the mirror. Nitric acid is used to remove silver. This will also be included in your kit. Once done, clean the back of the mirror with water and soft fabric.
  • Resilver mirror. Combine the chemicals on your kit using a spray bottle. Check the instructions on the kit to know which chemicals to put. Spray the chemical mixture at the back of the mirror and let this dry. Once dry you need to apply copper paint and lastly the back paint. These are both included in the kit.

You will be amazed that your mirror looks good like before. Resilvering your mirror by yourself will also save you a lot of money than hiring a professional. However, if the mirror is really expensive or antique and you don’t want to take chances, you can contact a professional to resilver the mirror for you.


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