How To Resize Animated GIFs

Resizing your animated GIF images shouldn’t be a big problem. In fact, a number of programs are currently available in the market. Some of them are for free. Others are a bit pricey. You just have to consider some factors in order to choose the best one for your resizing need.

Understand that an animated GIF file is composed of a few or numerous static frames or GIFs. They have been combined or put together to load automatically and sequentially. The effect creates an illusion that the image is actually moving. In other words, an animated GIF file is made up of cartoons. They are essentially small. The individual frames or GIFs have to be similar in size. Otherwise, the animation is not going to work efficiently.

In order to resize the animated GIF images, you have to adjust all of them. You have to make sure that all of their proportions are kept uniform. The program that you are going to use has to split them into their respective components, adjust them to your desired size, and then, put them together again.

Here are the instructions on how you can properly resize animated GIFs:

  • Go online and visit
  • Check out the tool bar. Access the menu that reads “Free On-Line GIF Tools”.
  • Select “File”. From the drop-down menu, choose “File Open”.
  • Expect to read two prompts. You are going to be instructed to choose from two uploading methods. The first prompt advises you to fetch a particular GIF through a remote source. The second prompt encourages you to upload it straight from your computer’s hard drive. If the GIF file is found on-line, type its exact URL. After that, select the tab that reads “Fetch Image”. On the other hand, if the said GIF file is stored in your computer’s hard drive, choose “Browse”. Then, start finding the file’s exact location. Once you have found it, click it so you can upload it immediately.
  • Expect your GIF file to load promptly. You should readily see it on your computer screen. After you have seen your GIF file, check out its attributes. Note them down, if necessary.
  • Start your resizing process by clicking “Edit” and selecting “Resize/Crop”. Another drop-down menu is going to show up. From there, choose “Resize”.
  • After choosing “Resize”, a new window is going to pop out. From the various tabs from that new window, click “Constrain Proportions”. This is going to allow you to maintain your GIF file’s ratio (width-to-height). In short, you can keep your GIF file’s original proportion even if adjustments were already taken. By the way, if the new window isn’t there, check out your computer’s pop-up blocker. You should turn it off.
  • Indicate your preferred adjustments to your GIF file’s height or width. Once everything has been set, select “OK”.
  • Choose “OK” one more time so you can load your GIF file’s resized image into the original window.
  • From the menu, select “File” and then, “Save”.

Even though the procedure is no sweat, be cautious in decreasing or increasing the size of your GIF file. You may end up losing its inherent sharpness.


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