How To Respond to a Job Offer

Some companies send job offers to persons whose qualifications fit their available job openings. Now if you receive such offers you should be happy because you are lucky you have been picked among the multitudes of job seekers all over the country. The cardinal rule to follow when you receive a job offer is to make sure you respond and acknowledge the offer immediately. With a speedy reply, you will be able to seal the deal with the company at once if you decide to take the offer. On the other hand, if you opt not to accept, a response is still needed at least for courtesy sake. Here are tips on how to respond to a job offer:

  • Gather information pertaining to the job offer. You might want to consider the job, so it is good if you get a backgrounder about the job opening. Ask the opinion of friends, family, professionals and employees in the company. Know the working conditions, compensation as well as the status of the company.
  • Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the work. Draw two columns and note on each column the positive and negative points you will likely have if you work in the said company. The things you should consider are the salary, employee’s benefits, position and the distance from your residence to the place of work.
  • Give your response as soon as possible. Once you have received the offer, give yourself only two days maximum to send a reply. If the offer is through email, your response will reach the company quite fast hence no delay. But if it is a postal mail, it should reach the company in a few days yet. Either way, respond immediately so the company will know whether you are interested on the job or not.
  • Open your response letter with a thank you statement. Express your appreciation on the opportunity given to you. Make your desire explicit at this point and clarify whether or not you want the job. Should you decide not to take the offer, give your reasons. Take note that the reasons must be valid and justifiable. Although you are not being forced to accept the offer, you have to be honest with the company by stating factual reasons for not taking the job. If you give valid reasons, you will still have a leeway to join the company in the future if you are already available for the offer.
  • Be nice and friendly. You may take pride in the fact that the company is seeking you but nonetheless, avoid being arrogant and snooty. If you have some demands, say so in a subtle and positive manner.
  • Ask for a detailed description of the job. Know the length of work hours, salary, benefits and things pertinent to the offer.
  • Act, sound and write professionally when responding to a job offer. You must strive to impress the employers further to make them think that they are not mistaken in offering you the job. Impress them some more so they will be enticed to grant the additional perks you desire from the job.

Getting a job offer does not necessarily mean you will hastily decide to abandon your present work in favor of the offer. Do not grab the job at once. As said, study, reflect and analyze if the job offer is better than your present job. Best of luck!


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