How To Restore a 1960's Contemporary House

The 1960’s is considered to be a very good year by most people. It was, after all, the time of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. It was also the time houses were built to fit how most families in those years preferred to live. No frills, no fancy ornaments—just regular houses that were practical and fuss-free. Fortunately, most of them are still standing proudly even today.

Are you currently living in a 1960’s contemporary house?  If so, then you consider yourself blessed to be living in a home that is timeless and classic. If not but you want to, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to remodel your house. Read on to find out how.

  • A 1960’s Contemporary House. The contemporary houses during the 1960’s have distinct characteristics such as clean lines, big windows and leveled roofs. These houses are adorned rather simply than the others and require as little decoration as possible. These very marks must be considered in restoring your house as these features have made them stand out from the other styles in the past.
  • Consult an architect and contractor. As mentioned above, contemporary houses have clean lines. If your current house has embellishments like shutters, columns and porches, they need to be removed to be cohesive with the look you are going for. Moreover, contemporary houses have additional rooms such as breakfast nooks and informal dining rooms and best known for their spacious kitchens. For this, hiring an architect and contractor might be a good idea for you. That way, a professional can look at your floor plan and deem whatever renovations necessary.
  • Repaint walls. The walls must be repainted in accordance to the color scheme used in the sixties. For this, you can apply the Pick-See-LMD Approach—a technique used by interior designers all over the world. Start by picking furniture around your house that is reminiscent of contemporary homes in the sixties—usually made from light wood. Base your color scheme from the said furniture. Decide on the lightest shade to paint your walls in, the medium shade for the furniture and save the darkest hue for the accents.
  • Change your floors. Once done with the walls, you can start remodeling your floors. Put carpet on your bedroom floors and hallways, if you have any. For common areas such as your living room and kitchen, opt to change your tiles to wood or slate.
  • Pick furniture. Select the right furniture to accentuate further the 1960’s contemporary look. Install built-in cabinets and bookcases as these are heavily favored during that time. Pick doors that are plain and simple. Same goes for knobs and handles.
  • Install lighting. Choose from a wide variety of lamps with fluorescent bulbs made from glass and finished in wood.
  • Final touches. Finish the contemporary look by installing big windows and leveled roofs.

And there you have it!  A 1960’s contemporary home successfully restored!  Congratulations on the job well done and may you and your family enjoy living in a house you rightfully deserve!


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