How To Resurface Kitchen Cabinet Doors

By simply knowing how to resurface kitchen cabinet doors, there will be no more need for you to replace your existing kitchen cabinets. For you to save a great deal of amount from restoring the surface of the doors, simply consider the following steps on how to resurface the doors of your kitchen cabinet. Give them a brand new look and make them last for a longer time.

  • Take the kitchen cabinet doors off the cabinet. Taking the kitchen cabinet doors off the cabinet can be simply done by taking the hinges on the doors off first. If you do not want to miss the order of the doors especially if there are different sizes, it is best to label them with numbers or tags. You surely would not like the idea of wondering where to reattach the doors later on.
  • Take the hardware off the kitchen cabinet doors. Once you have taken the doors off, focus on their hardware. It will be easier to reassemble the door if you keep the hardware. When removing them, make sure that the knobs, pulls, and screws are still intact.
  • Sand the surface of the doors. The best sandpaper to use for this task is one that has medium grit since this is the universal grade of sandpaper. When sanding the surface of the kitchen cabinet door, do not merely concentrate on sanding the front sides. After sanding those parts, work on the opposite sides.
  • Wipe down the surface. After sanding, there will be debris left on the surface of the doors. Use a damp cloth to remedy this. It is essential to wipe down the surface to get rid of any debris and to make sure that it is smooth.
  • Apply primer coat or stain coat. This is the preliminary step of painting the surface of the doors. Be sure to have a light primer coat or light stain coat. After applying liberally on the front side, let the surface dry, then shift to the opposite side. If you prefer to apply stain coat, sand the doors first with fine grit sandpaper. Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any debris. Apply a second coating whenever desired.
  • Apply the paint. Brush the surface with gentle strokes of paint. Once you have painted the entire surface of the front side, let it dry first before moving on to the other side. Depending on the wood of which the door was made, the application of second coat of paint may be necessary or not. Most of the time, if the surface is not even, it is mandatory to apply another coat of paint. Otherwise, once the surface became dry, that is the time you can tell if there is a need for such.
  • Reattach the doors to the cabinet. Get the hinges and reattach them to the doors and place them on their original position as part of the kitchen cabinet. Afterward, replace the hardware.

Never be reluctant on resurfacing the kitchen cabinet doors if you really want to restore its original appeal without spending too much on replacing the entire cabinet.


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