How To Reupholster an Arm Chair

If you are satisfied with the condition and comfort of an arm chair but do not like its design, why not think about keeping the chair and just changing the look. Instead of spending too much on replacing your arm chair, you can simply reupholster it to give it a fresh look. All you need to have are the right materials to kick off with a great hands-on task. With a reupholstered arm chair, comfort and the latest design will surely be in perfect harmony.

  • Prepare the things you will need. Here are the basic materials that you will need along the way: new batting, glue gun, new fabric, staple gun, staple remover, and welting. Prepare them ahead of time to make the task quicker and easier to handle.
  • Prepare the new fabric. Do not settle on preparing a regular fabric for this project because it is likely to wear out easily. Instead of having a regular fabric, go for an upholstery fabric that you can purchase at specialty shops. Whenever choosing for a fabric, be sure that you get something that is to your taste and fits into the design scheme of the room where the arm chair will be placed.
  • Take the old fabric out of the chair. Carefully take the old fabric from the arm chair without damaging the pieces. In order to have a pattern or template on how you will work with the new fabric, keep the old fabric pieces as carefully as you can.
  • Get the measurement of the fabric. Instead of straightforwardly getting the measurement of the furniture, have the old fabric pieces as your model. Write down the measurements because you will need them later on.
  • Remove the glue and staples. There may still be a remaining amount of glue on the frame of the arm chair. This has to be removed to do a thorough job of reupholstering. Use the staple remover for removing the staples that are still present.
  • Trim the new fabric. It is ideal to trim the new fabric underneath the old fabric. Doing this will prevent the occurrence of wrong or short trimming. Just set the old fabric on top of the new fabric and base the trimming with the measurement of the old fabric. Provide a few inches of allowance for the binding.
  • Replace the old batting of the arm chair. The old batting contributes to the discomfort you may be experiencing with the old arm chair. Take it off and replace it with new materials. Carefully staple the new batting into place.
  • Drape the fabric over the seat. Properly align the new fabric and pull it through the bottom of the seat without stretching it. Once you have properly draped it, use the staple gun to secure it into place. Do the same to the arms if they require fabric.

To give as extra highlight to the reupholstered arm chair, you can opt to add welting or a covered cord (piping) in a contrasting color. See how it looks then just glue it into place once satisfied with the positioning.


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