How To Reupholster Patio Furniture

One great way of turning your patio into a haven of your own is to compliment it with furniture. Even if your patio furniture look great outdoors, there is no denying that the cushions of the patio furniture can break down after a long time. Overuse, too much exposure to the sun, and even rainwater can affect the condition of the cushion. Regardless of the quality of the patio furniture, it is still best to know how to reupholster patio furniture to make them last longer. By simply following the steps on reupholstering your furniture, you can breathe in new life into them without spending too much for replacement. Here's how to do it.

  • Choose a durable cover. It is best to choose a durable cover in a fabric that is specifically designed in order to endure natural elements that generally damage the patio furniture. One good option that you can go for is canvas. Not only is canvas easy to maintain, it can also withstand natural forces.
  • Remove the cushion from its frame. The removal of the cushion will depend on how it is secured to the frame. If there is a hook and loop assembly, release it to loosen the cushion. If there are screws, use a screwdriver to remove the cushion. Do not forget to get rid of the staples and pins attached to the cushion.
  • Cut the foam based on the measurement of the furniture. Start off with the measurement of the furniture. Get the length and the width and base the cutting of the foam with these. Carefully use a razor knife when cutting. Do not hesitate to make adjustments whenever parts of the foam must still be trimmed.
  • Cut the fabric to size. Replace the foam and the wood support to its original position and lay the fabric face down over it. Pull the fabric to cover the entirety of the foam. Be careful not to stretch the fabric and make any damage. Take note of the points where one end meets the other by marking them. Once you have the model, cut it to size. Spread the trimmed fabric on a flat surface.
  • Attach the fabric. Position the wood support and the cushion in such a way that it is aligned to the fabric. Take the cover and fold it while making sure that the sides are straightened. Again, be careful not to stretch the fabric. Use a staple gun on attaching the fabric to the wood support. Staple around the cushion with care that you prevent any wrinkle from forming. Position the reupholstered cushion into place. Make sure that the cushion is secured in the frame.

In order to complete the brand new look of the patio furniture, you can consider sanding the parts that are made of wood. After sanding, varnish them to give the best look possible. Your patio furniture may be old already but you can definitely give it a fresher look. Enjoy viewing your outdoor and using the reupholstered patio furniture.


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