How To Reverse a Perm

Perm treatment is a very popular way to enhance one’s looks. With today’s leading magazines featuring non-stop famous personalities and celebrities who are sporting luscious curls in gorgeous styles, how can one not follow? Of course, it does not take a rocket scientist to know that perm treatments are not always done properly. Many women have had bad experiences when it comes to hair treatments and are in need of immediate fix or solution.

Have you recently had your fair share of a perm treatment gone wrong? If so, then do not fret. Help is on the way.

  • For home-perm. Who does not experiment hair treatments at home? With thousands of do-it-yourself hair treatments readily available in the market today, it is not a wonder why many of us are guilty of experimenting on our own, forsaking professional consultation in lieu of more affordable home kits. If you have given yourself a perm and the results did not come out right, undo the damage by washing your hair thoroughly with warm water and condition it right after. The combination of water and conditioner will smooth out your hair and free it from tight curls. . Just remember to apply conditioner on the strands and not on your scalp. It is also best to make use of a conditioner with an intensive formula, as a regular conditioner will not be enough. Keep in mind that this will take time so it is important to do the procedure for the next couple of weeks until your hair returns to its normal state. For a more successful result, try paying your salon a visit and ask for a treatment that will relax and straighten your hair.
  • For salon-treated. Going to salons for perm and for other hair treatments has always been the number one advice given by hair experts. Hair, as they say, is fragile and thus, needs a professional touch. True, their services are usually expensive but the results, as they claim, far outweighs the price. It is not always the case though. Should you have the misfortune of having a bad experience though, it is best to alert your stylist immediately after the treatment is done. Do not be shy to tell him, as it is your stylist’s job to give you the right perm treatment you paid for. Ask him/her to reverse the process as quickly as he/she can. A chemical solution is typically applied to the hair to fix it and is combed all throughout to straighten the curly hair out. Once done, ask your stylist what you can do at home to help improve it further.
  • Care and maintenance. Even when your perm has been reversed, take note that the process to fix it will also cause damage to your hair. Your hair will dry out and, in extreme cases, may even lead to scalp irritation and hair loss. For this, it is important to keep it moisturized by using hair products that will help nourish and hydrate it. You can also use kitchen products like mayonnaise, avocado and olive oil to help bring life back to your damaged roots.


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