How To Reverse Hair Relaxer

Our hair is our crowning glory and while some people take the old adage rather lightly, there are still some people who take it to heart and spend a lot of time and hard-earned money to achieve glorious locks usually shown in style magazines and television. Today’s market has been bombarded with lots of products and treatments meant exclusively to beautify hair. From hair colors to hair perms to even hair relaxers, there is a wide variety of products out there for everyone to sample and enjoy.

However, getting the hairstyle you want is not always that simple. While most products promise to deliver satisfactory results, accidents are sometimes hard to avoid—especially with products that change your hair type like hair perm and relaxers. When a product is designed to curl a straight hair or vice-versa, it is always best to take them with a grain of salt and leave them in the hands of professional stylists instead.

Hair relaxers are products that sometimes get the most flak. This is because these products are relatively new in the market and are not always for everyone. Yes, even if you have wavy or curly hair, having so still does not make you qualified to use this product right away. Although every pack comes with an instructional guide and warns anyone who would try to use the product to do a patch test first, most often than not, the guide is simply overlooked and people go right ahead with the treatment without so much as a blink of an eye—then complain about it afterwards.

Have you recently had a hair emergency that involves hair relaxer? If so, then worry no more. Here are simple steps that you can do to reverse it.

  • Grow out your hair. When your hair is damaged, the strands appear to be dry and fried. Hair becomes lighter in shade and lacks shine. Managing it becomes difficult too as combs get tangled from the knots formed. When this happens, there is nothing else you can do but wait for it to grow out so you can cut off the damaged part. Schedule hair appointments every month and a half and get your hair trimmed until you get your natural hair back.
  • Use hair grease. Since you will be growing your hair out, it is important to load up on products that will help keep the frizz down during the time you are waiting for your natural hair to grow back. Hair grease will come in handy too if you are naturally curly. Apply some grease unto the roots of your hair to straighten them out. You can also use straightening iron if you want. Just remember to use irons that are made of ceramic though to prevent more damage.
  • Good shampoo and conditioner. Having a good regimen for washing your hair is important to avoid more damage to your already-damaged hair. Start by choosing a shampoo with protein formula to help strengthen your hair strands. Pick an intensive conditioner too. Your hair needs all the moisture it can get to hydrate it so pay extra attention when you go to your drugstore. You can also try using hair masks made from home products like mayonnaise, olive oil and avocado. These products have essential and natural oils proven to help lifeless hair.
  • Live healthy. Another good way to resuscitate dry and damaged hair is by living a healthy life. Avoid smoking at all cost. Wear a hat or use a scarf to cover your hair when you go out to prevent sun damage. Eat a well-balanced diet and make sure that you get ample amount of protein every time. Take vitamin supplements and minerals.

And there you have it! Simple things to consider to reverse the harmful effects of hair relaxer!  Just remember to check labels from now on and trust a salon stylist to do the hair relaxing for you. Sure, it may cost you a bit but at least, you get quality results without having to sacrifice your hair for it!


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