How To Reward Yourself when You Lose Weight

Losing weight and going on a diet are some of the hardest things to do in life. Many people view food as a vice and it is so difficult to stay away from the most calorie-filled ones. What a difficult world we live in where the seemingly tastiest foods are the ones most loaded with sugar and fat. It is near impossible to completely stop eating sweets and other fattening food and most people on diets end of cheating. Upon cheating they end up feeling like failures and take comfort in eating more food. They are then back where they started and need to work even harder to lose the weight again.

Rewarding yourself during your diet is seen as the best way to motivate oneself to actually losing weight. Rewards can come in all shapes in sizes from a small scoop of low fat ice cream to a day at the spa. Read on for a couple more ideas on good rewards you can use to help aid your weight loss while dieting.

  • Go to the spa and pamper yourself. Get a relaxing massage. Try getting your hair done or see about that manicure/pedicure you’ve been meaning to get. Give yourself a you and focus on what makes you happy besides eating food. After your visit, you are sure to feel refreshed and good about your looks. This can only help push your to continue losing weight.
  • Go to the mall and go shopping for clothes! Walk into a couple of stores and try on some new clothes. Seeing yourself fit into smaller sizes of clothing is great at encouraging one to keep losing weight. Buy a few new clothes for yourself or maybe even shoes or a handbag. Reward yourself for your hard work and constantly remind you that the more you lose, the more you can afford to let go and just enjoy life.
  • Another way is to buy an article of clothing that you really like in a smaller size. These clothes serve as a future reward for attaining a certain weight loss.
  • Try buying some new makeup. Buying beauty products helps reinforce a positive self-image and serve as rewards for you working toward that you that you want to be. A new lipstick can do wonders for a dieting woman.
  • Jewelry and other fashion accessories to complement new clothing is a great idea for as you lose more weight you end up growing in confidence as well. This all helps build up your resolve toward losing weight.
  • Once or twice a week have a cheat day or cheat meal in which you are able to eat whatever you want, in moderation of course. This helps satisfy your cravings that will always be present while you are dieting. These food rewards will satisfy your present cravings and help you stave off future ones.

You are on a diet to try and lose weight. You are trying to lose weight to feel good about yourself. Rewarding yourself, be it through special food treats or a day of shopping or pampering, does wonders for the would be dieter. Stay strong, your ideal you is coming quick.


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