How To Rid Diabetes with Food and Exercise

Diabetes is a condition where there’s too much sugar in the blood. Sugar is normally not harmful, because the body uses it to generate energy. In diabetes, the body can’t use up sugar properly, thus it accumulates in the blood and causes complications in your organs and blood vessels. To get rid of diabetes, the sugar level in the blood must be reduced and maintained to normal levels. Right food and exercise are one of the ways to do this.

  • Go on a diet. Consult a dietician to get a diet that’s designed to combat diabetes. The dietician considers factors such as your weight, age, other health conditions, and the like, in making a dietary plan for you. The dietician will give you a list of foods to eat, how to prepare them, when to eat them, and other important information. If you’re interested in following a particular diet, ask your dietician if you may safely take on the diet. She may have to change some details of the diet to suit your health status better.
  • Eat healthy. Your blood sugar level is affected by the food you eat. Choose what to eat carefully. Know which foods are good for you and eat them in appropriate amounts. Spread your meals into 5 smaller meals, so that your sugar level doesn’t rise suddenly as you eat a huge meal. Avoid junk foods and foods that are rich in preservatives, chemicals and harmful fat, because these may worsen your condition.
  • Eat fiber-rich food and drink water. Fiber and water flushes out toxins and fats from your body. Eat fruits and vegetables, as they have plenty of nutrients to make your body healthier. Also, these foods fill your stomach so that you don’t have to eat unhealthy food just to be full. Drink enough water to prevent dehydration and cleanse your blood.
  • Eat low-sugar foods. Eating right doesn’t mean completely avoiding sugars, because they are commonly present in food in varying amounts. However, you do have to avoid foods that have extremely high sugar contents. Know how much sugar a food contains. Avoid foods rich in simple sugars, such as sweets, pastas and white breads, as these are digested easily and raise your blood sugar quickly.
  • Have an exercise routine. Speed up your metabolism so that your body makes use of the sugar that you take in. An exercise routine burns fat and uses up the sugar in your blood, as well as strengthens your body and immunity. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about exercises to keep your body fit. If you’re overweight, exercise regularly to have a normal weight. Having a normal weight increases your chances of getting rid of diabetes.
  • Be more active. An active body fights diabetes more effectively. Find ways to keep moving. Jog, do some chores, climb up stairs, walk to stores, etc. Do some stretches and mild exercises. Sitting still doesn’t improve your health condition, so if you’re a coach potato, acquire a more vigorous hobby. If you’re prone to oversleeping, use an alarm clock to wake you up at the appropriate time.

When you manage your food and exercise, you manage your blood sugar level and diabetes. With consistent management, you’ll be able to rid diabetes for good. Keep it up, follow your health advisers, and always have the goal of living a healthy life.


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