How To Rid Facial Blemishes

Facial blemishes come in many forms: acne, whiteheads, blackheads, discolorations, scars, and the like. Treatment depends on the type of blemish. Here are some effective ways to treat facial blemishes. Some of these may be done at home while others require a trip to the dermatologist.

  • Cleansing. Dirt, oil, sweat and make-up may get stuck in the skin’s pores. These cause acne, whiteheads and blackheads. To remove these kinds of blemishes, you must first cleanse your pores. Wash your face with soap, a facial wash or a facial scrub. Make sure that your hands are clean. For a more thorough cleansing, open up your pores by placing a warm towel on your face or placing your face over steaming water.
  • Having a facial. A facial involves getting your facial skin cleansed and treated by a professional. The dermatologist may clean your pores by pricking and picking on them. Choose a good dermatologist because inexperienced ones may scar your skin.
  • Using skin medications. There are medications that clear blemishes and normalize skin tone. Some may be bought over the counter while others require a doctor’s or dermatologist’s prescription. Read the instructions carefully to get the desired results. Also, test the medications first before using them. Apply a small amount of the medication on a small area of your skin. Leave it overnight and notice if there is redness or swelling the following morning. If there is, you may be allergic; avoid using it and find alternatives.
  • Taking antibiotics. Recurring blemishes may be caused by infections. If this is the case, you may have to take antibiotics. Ask the doctor about this. Take the antibiotics according to schedule and avoid missing doses so that the antibiotic remains effective. Tell your doctor if you’re pregnant or if you have health conditions, as there are some antibiotics that aren’t safe for some people.
  • Using whitening lotions and creams. These may lighten up your blemishes if applied regularly. Test these lotions and creams first before using. It’s better if you apply sunblock along with the whitening lotion, as whitening causes your skin to lose its protection against sunlight.
  • Wearing make-up. Good make-up visually removes facial blemishes. Use a concealer or a foundation that is the same color as your skin. When choosing make-up, test it in daylight to prevent misperceiving the color.
  • Undergoing laser treatments. Laser peels off skin to remove blemishes. This may take several sessions, especially when the blemish is deep or extensive. Laser may also stimulate the underlying skin to grow and replace the removed upper layer.
  • Undergoing dermabrasion. This scrubs off the blemished skin and exposes the skin beneath. This is done to remove scars and tough blemishes to produce smoother skin. Anesthesia is used to relieve pain.
  • Having surgery. This is done by cutting the layer of skin with the blemish, and either sewing the wound close or grafting a layer of skin upon the wound. This is done when alternative procedures are not effective.

There are a lot of ways to rid facial blemishes, but some ways are more effective, more practical and more comfortable than others. Choose wisely and consult reliable dermatologists. Pay attention to what these treatments do for your skin and act accordingly.


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