How To Ride a Kick Scooter

Kick scooters have grown in popularity in the past few years as an alternate mode of transportation. Both kids and adults enjoy using this two-wheeled, lightweight invention in their everyday lives. While some use if just for fun and others use it to get around the city easily, learning to ride a kick scooter is fairly easy. It’s similar to a skateboard, but the only difference is that the scooter has handlebars to maintain balance and steer. You only have to learn a few basic things in order to ride a kick scooter properly.

  • What you will need. You will of course need to purchase a kick scooter in order to ride one. Choose carefully in which design you want as scooters like this come in variations. Some are in-line and only have two wheels, while others are like tricycles where the two wheels are either in front or at the back of the scooter. Having one that has three wheels provides more balance support over the in-line so weigh in your options carefully. You will also need protection such as a skating helmet, elbow and knee pads and gloves. Finally, you will also need a case to carry the kick scooter.
  • How to ride properly. Begin by wearing all the necessary safety equipment such as the helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Even if you think that riding one isn’t as difficult as it seems, you can never be too careful. Once you are wearing the safety equipment, place your left foot (whichever you want to use will be fine) on the deck of the scooter and your right foot planted on the ground. Hold the handlebar with both hands and face forward. Make sure that your posture is in an upright position and that your body is not too close to the handlebar. To start off, use your right foot to push forward by sliding it off from the ground backwards. The same concept is used for skateboarding so if you are familiar with it, this is exactly the same. You will slowly gain speed and once you have momentum, you can place the other foot on the deck as well for an enjoyable experience.
  • Stopping. There are a few ways you can use to stop moving and one is by simply stopping your foot from kicking the ground. You will slowly lose momentum until such time that the scooter will stop moving. Another thing you can do to stop is by gripping the brake on the handlebar and your scooter will come to a full stop.

Remember to always follow the road rules and never attempt to bite off more than you can chew. Meaning, do not move around high-traffic areas thinking you can easily switch from one point to another because of your ride’s size. This is dangerous and can cause you some serious damage. Finally, if you are just starting out, try riding your kick scooter around your village or sidewalk before attempting to move around a highly dense traffic population.


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