How To Rough Cut a Gem Stone

There is an enormous variety of gems and being so, there is also a variety of ways on how to cut them. Gems can be purchased from dealers or can even be found on the ground. No matter where it came from, your precious and semi-precious gem stones will benefit greatly if you know how to cut them the right way. If you are planning on making your own jewelry any time soon, these instructions are of definite assistance to you. Since there are different kinds of gems, it will be a good start for you to know how to cut a certain kind of semi-precious gem stone, the turquoise.

  • Concentrate. Tools in cutting gem stones can be dangerous. Make sure that you are ready to deal with such tools and no distractions are around.
  • Make preparations. You must also make sure that you are taking precautions. Wear an apron and put on your safety goggles.
  • Ready your diamond saw. This tool will be used first in cutting your stone. You will also need water in using this. Set the tool up. You shall be needing a 600 sanding belt plus an 80 grit diamond grinding wheel that are set upon a lapidary machine supplying a constant water stream to the wheel and belt’s surface. The water will serve as a lubricant and it will prevent the gem stone from heating up from the wheel's friction. Look for the manual or instructions for the lapidary machine and start setting it up.
  • Start cutting. Take the gem stone slab using your fingers and start shaping it using the diamond wheel. After doing so, move on to your 600 grit sanding belt and go for the smooth finish. The diamond wheel may put on scratches on your gem stone and using the belt shall help you get them off. Keep your focus and make sure that you do not put your fingers on the wheels' surfaces. It can take off skin quickly and it can cut your fingers. Just keep using both wheels alternately, shaping and then smoothing repeatedly, until your gem stone has the shape that you desire.
  • Use a buffing wheel for more polishing. This actually optional but if you want your gem stone to look more polished, use the buffing wheel.

These guidelines in cutting your gem stone are just the basic steps. There are too many other ways to do it. It would be better if you also try do practice the other methods. You can refer to books, experts, and other enthusiasts as you make yourself very familiar with this art. Focus first on the stones that you often use. If you are reading on this, then chances are, you are a gem stone enthusiast so you would not have much of a hard time learning the craft. It would also be advisable if you first watch an expert do the procedures so that you will get to learn firsthand. Gem stones are, indeed, delicate so cutting them requires your full concentration.


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