How To Ruin a Car Battery

One of the inevitable things in owning a car is having dead battery. At some point in your car ownership, it will happen. Usually, there is no warning and if you are one of the unfortunate ones, your only option is to leave your car on the road, find a mechanic, and buy a new battery. Sometimes, it can even happen several times to a person. Batteries should be well kept and taken care of. So when dealing with a car battery, it is actually very easy to ruin it. Just don’t take good care of it, store them poorly, and follow these tips. Then you’ll see.

  • Build up Corrosion. Corrosion is very common along battery terminals. Usually, it is removed by using a wire brush and any caustic agent. It may be a soda pop, baking soda, or a battery cleaner.
  • Discharge. Leave your car’s headlights on and you will definitely drain the battery and harm it automatically. It’s the same thing with devices that are plugged in outlets. Even with cellular phones and laptops, you can observe that batteries do have their specific life span. They need to be replaced after a period of time. When not handled properly, battery life decreases over time. In the case of car batteries, it may still work again by jump-starting it or recharging it but the damage that you have done on the battery is irreversible. This is what usually happens to drivers who actually leave their headlights on. They get their batteries to work again, but they would have to replace them after.
  • Dry it out. Most batteries need water when its fluid level has gone low. Drying it out will help ruin it.
  • Store them in a cold place. Batteries, whenever not used, should be charged and monitored in order to retain their capacities. Whenever they are stored, batteries must be charged fully and they should be cleared of corrosion deposits. If you want to ruin them and they are not in use, you can keep them and put them onto a concrete floor. Concrete floorings are usually cold which will result to the battery getting completely discharged slowly over a period of time.
  • Store in high temperature places. This is also another option for you as very high temperatures do increase a battery’s plate corrosion and self discharge rate.
  • Lay the battery by its side. This will make the fluid of the battery flow on just one side, which gives it a hard time storing and producing charge.

Never try ruining a battery through the shorting of its terminals together. This may lead to explosions. Ruined batteries may be harmful so make sure that you dispose of them in a way that will not cause further damage to the environment and to other people. Remember that batteries are still sources of energy and so you cannot just experiment on them. It is still better to just hand them over to mechanics and experts who know more about it and where to properly dispose it.


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