How To Run a Gun Serial Number Search

Doing a gun serial number search can be done easily over the Internet even if you do not have the entire number string with you. Depending on your location, you can complete the search even with a partial set. If you want to search for a particular gun, whether you are researching gun models or checking out previous registrations of a prospective buy, read the steps listed below so that you will be guided in your serial number searching. You see serial gun searches in TV shows all the time and you know that it is a helpful verification tool.

  • Getting the whole serial number. Even if you can get results with a partial set, it is a must to have the whole serial number with you when you are doing searching so that you can verify if the information is correct. To look for the serial number of the gun, check the handle or the slide of the gun, where the number is usually embossed on. Each manufacturer has a different location for the serial number. If you cannot find yours then go back the gun shop and ask for their help in locating the number.
  • Checking the records of the BCA. If you want to know if there are any criminal records tied down to that particular gun, you can go to the BCA or Bureau of Criminal Apprehension office in your state. In some states, like Florida, the BCA has a website where you can cross check the gun’s serial number against their records. There may also be other similar websites that can help you search for the records of a particular gun. This will be very helpful if you are buying a gun second hand since you definitely do not want to be associated with any criminal records.
  • Going on a local search. If in case you are not satisfied with the BCA records or do not have access to them, then you will need to do a manual search in your local police station for some records regarding your gun’s serial number. More often than not the police will be very helpful in doing this since this is a mark of a responsible gun owner. You can also ask around for other gun shops or other gun organizations for help ion verifying the status and record of your gun.

As with every search that you do, double and triple check your resources to see if they are credible. Also make sure that the serial number of your gun does not have a duplicate and if you do find discrepancies, report it to the authorities at once. Do not purchase a gun that has a record and also do not purchase one second hand when you haven’t done your proper background check duty. Getting a gun is like getting a car – it involves a lot of background checking and paper work. It might be even tougher to own a gun since it is less common than cars. Be sure that you are buying from a licensed and reputable store, too.


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