How To Run an Adult Foster Care Home

Seniors need an environment that is receptive to their condition and special needs. An adult foster care home gives seniors, who are displaced, the care that they need. You can try to say it in other words but seniors’ needs are often trivialized to just their daily physical needs. On the other hand, they are actually yearning for interaction and a sense to be meaningful even in their advanced years. Running an adult foster care home thus entails taking care of the elderly and providing them with, to some extent, the emotional support system that they need.

Adult foster care homes are primarily funded by the state and federal budget so you have to make sure that all the requirements are met. To run an adult foster care home, refer to these steps:

  • Find out the requirements in setting up an adult foster care home in your state. You can contact your local state secretary to know about these. It is important that you get the required licenses to operate and the licenses for your health workers, the criteria to be able to receive funding and other pertinent matters.
  • To be able to give special care and individual attention, especially as you start your own foster care home, limit the number of residents. Having too many residents will be barely meeting their individual needs, and you will find your hands way too full. It is better to have a fixed number of residents at any given time. Also, you can manage costs better if you have a fixed number of residents as you can do more or less predict the costs that you have to bear.
  • Pick a great team of skilled professionals trained and equipped to give the best care. You should at least have one doctor, one registered nurse, one psychologist, and one caregiver per two residents. Before hiring, do an extensive background check to make sure that you get to know the applicants. Remember that they will be handling delicate people and not just anyone can do the job. Anyone can do basic tasks or chores, but to connect and make the residents feel safe and secure, staff require a special set of skills.
  • Run your adult foster care home as you would a home and not as a business. Make sure that you listen to the needs of the residents. Give them the fresh air that they need, let them go out and socialize with other people.
  • Have an emergency staff member ready at all times. Usually, residents in adult foster care homes do not require around the clock monitoring. But with their advanced age, they are more susceptible to accidents and medical emergencies. It is a good practice to have a staff member on call that can be relied on for the after hours situations.
  • Have a special program tie up with schools or local government to have kids visit your adult foster care home to let the residents interact with new people and have new experiences.

Finally, let the residents take some initiative. Encourage them to be active, enterprising, and to do the things they want to do while they still have time – given of course that these are safe and well within the bounds of your ability as adult foster care supervisor.


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