How To Run Cable to a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs are all the rage this year. Gradually, every TV maker has come up with their own version of flat screen TVs, and many have people have started switching their living room television sets to flat screen TVs. Unfortunately, because everyone watches TV through cable networks, buying a new TV set isn't exactly a plug and play activity anymore. You now have to reconnect the cable to your flat screen TV, and if you are not familiar with these kinds of tasks, it can be a bit challenging for you. But if you want to save on money and install the cable to your TV by yourself, simply follow the steps below.

  • Get the materials you will need. You need to acquire several tools and items to be able to run your cable through your new flat screen TV. You need four pieces of anchor bolts, a stud finder, two coat hangers that have been attached, a box cutter or a sheetrock saw, and a wall box.
  • Find the perfect location. Before beginning this project, you must first decide where you will place your new TV. You might want to rearrange your living room, and opt to put the television set somewhere else. Once you have decided on its location, check to see where the cable is, and determine how you and where you will need to run the cable to be able to reach the TV. Check if there are any hindrances or barriers that might block the path of the cable to your TV.
  • Install the new box. You can then start cutting an opening for the new box, which you will install to be able to connect the TV to the cable outlet. All you need to do is to run the cable from the current box to the new one. If it is situated in your attic or your basement, then you just have to grab it and move it. If it just a couple meters away from the new one, you can drag it with a coat hanger.
  • Get connected. Now all you have to do is to connect the old cable line to the new one. Once done, you can now close off the wall box where you originally placed the old box. Patch it up by using some sheet rock. Measure out the size of the wall box, and cut the sheet rock accordingly. Attach the sheet rock, by running mesh tape around the seams and sealing it with a compound. Let the adhesive dry before sanding it down to reapply another layer. You should reapply a second layer for maximum strength. Once you are satisfied with your patchwork, paint it the same color as your wall.
  • Mount the TV to the wall mount. Once done, you can now mount your flat screen TV to the provided wall mount. Make sure that the cable is attached properly to the TV before you secure it to the mount.

If you doubt your ability to pull this off successfully, then it is best to hire an electrician or call the cable guy to help you out in connecting your new TV to the cable. It is really better to be safe than sorry, so don't take risks if you are unconfident of your skills, and let the pros do it.


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