How To Run in High Heels

Women wear high heels to feel good and make their legs look longer and more beautiful. In fact, the trends have shown more and more women wearing more than just high heels but sky-high heels, ranging from a heel height of 3 inches to up to 6 inches. Needless to say, women have embraced the fact that high heels make their outfits look better, they look more sophisticated in them and they are infused with a sense of self-confidence whenever they wear them. However, as with any woman's busy lifestyle, there are days when you need to rush to get all your tasks done before the day ends. Sometimes, you cannot sashay through the sidewalks like a ramp model. Sometimes, you need to rush to get that cab, or take that train. Running in high heels can be a little tricky, and below are some tips and steps on how to run in high heels without injuring yourself.

  • Prepare yourself physically. It can be really difficult to walk in heels, much less run, if you are not physically fit for the task. Your ankles should be strong enough to support you or you could fall and lose your balance often. You should then make sure that you pay attention to your ankles and perform ankle-strengthening exercises to firm up your strut. You can find several resources on the Internet on how to strengthen your ankles. This will definitely help you in becoming more stable while you are walking or running around in your high heels.
  • Do some stretching. Before wearing your high heels, make sure that you prepare your feet and legs by stretching them. This is similar to a warm-up or stretching exercise by athletes. Simply rotate and stretch your feet and ankles so your will build up your strength.
  • Be an expert in walking in heels first. Before you even attempt to run in high heels, you have to first practice walking in them. If you cannot perform it well by simply walking, how else will you fare while running in them?
  • Run in high heels that have excellent support. It is best to support your ankles as well. For this function, you may need to find shoes with ankle support, like a boot. Since boots come up over the ankles, it will really be of help for you when you run in heels. It will also minimize the risk of you twisting your ankles.
  • Choose quality heels. Let's face it; it will be really difficult for you to run around in towering stilettos. Stilettos provide little stability so if you plan on having a busy and hectic day, try not to wear stilettos. Choose shoes with thicker heels instead. You can still find heels that look sexy without having to go all the way-stiletto.
  • Run slowly, and choose your path. Make sure that you when you run don't run as if you were wearing rubber shoes. Start out slowly, and test your balance first. Do not attempt to run in uneven surfaces like grass or rocky areas, as these could really trip you up and you will definitely lose your balance.

Be sure that you wear heels that are of sturdy and good quality, so they don't accidentally break off or get damaged while you are running while wearing them.


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