How To Sanitize a Manicure Station

As a manicure artist, sanitation of your station is one thing that you don’t want to overlook. For what good is your nail artistry if you keep a shabby, unsanitary manicure station? Remember that aside from your expert service, the cleanliness of your station is another thing that clients consider. So before you begin the day and in between clients, make sure to sanitize your station and tools. Here is a guideline that you can consider.

  • Throw away the clutter. After every manicure service, immediately get rid of the items that need to be disposed of. These include used cotton balls and artificial nails. Don’t allow them to linger in your station, as this can turn off your next clients. Make sure to properly dispose of the trash, specifically the hazardous ones like the artificial nail products.
  • Disinfect your tools. Use a disinfectant solution in cleaning your tools like pusher, manicure brush, and nail cutter. If applicable, soak them in the solution for 10 to 30 minutes or according to the disinfectant manufacturer’s directions. Wipe them dry with a lint-free cloth afterwards.
  • Clean the manicure table. The manicure table should also be thoroughly disinfected after every manicure service. Do this by moistening a rag with disinfectant solution. Run it along the table, making sure to remove spills and dirt. Dry the table with a clean rag afterwards and cover it with a tablemat.
  • Use new implements. To assure your clients of your high sanitary standards, consider using new manicure implements for every client. This means new nail file, new sanding block, and new birchwood stick every time you do a manicure service. This will increase your operational costs, of course, but if your clients are impressed with your sanitation practices, your income will most likely double. In fact, if you want to even more impress your clients, you can consider giving them the implements as a take-home.
  • Wash your hands. Never start a manicure service without first washing your hands. Use an anti-bacterial soap and rinse your hands thoroughly. Ask your clients to wash their hands as well.
  • Get rid of your rusty tools. A manicure tool that starts to rust already calls for a replacement. So make sure to throw it off immediately even if the rusty part is tiny. Rusty manicure tools are perilous to health and can tarnish your reputation as a manicure artist.
  • Use high-quality sanitation products. Never skimp on your sanitation products. In fact, your sanitation products must be as superior as your manicure tools and materials. Remember, they are also your investment. So try to look for the most superior sanitary and disinfectant products on the market. It will help if you read product reviews and testimonials.

Sanitizing a manicure station is a bit of work. But if it further establishes your integrity as a manicure artist, there is no reason why should not do it. In the first place, don’t you think it’s more practical and logical to spend effort, money, and time on sanitizing the manicure station than dealing with sanitary issues and possibly health-related legal charges?


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