How To Save Money Landscaping Flowerbeds with Concrete Edging

A beautiful front lawn is something that every homeowner dreams of having. No one want wants a dull or misshapen yard that absolutely does no justice for the house. Having flowerbeds with concrete edging rather than using stones or materials that need to be replaced at one point in time is a smart way to save money. Not only do flowerbeds add pristine and glamour on your property, having concrete edging guarantees you that this will last for a very long time. Below are tips on how you can save money by landscaping flowerbeds with concrete edging.

  • Things you will need. It is recommended that you hire a professional contractor that can assist you in this task as some parts of the process may become too technical and difficult to do. However, if you are extremely experienced with home improvement, then by all means do it on your own and save huge sum of money. You will need sacks of concrete (depending on the size of the flowerbed), a trencher, an extrusion machine, a mortar mixer and decorative stamps. All of these things can be ordered from a specialty store. However, rather than purchase all the equipment, you may rent them from a second party that offer this type of service. When you have all of these things, you may proceed to the process.
  • Instructions. Begin by inspecting the area and identifying the spot where you want concrete edging to be added. If you do employ a contractor, make sure that he measures the entire area where concrete will be poured. The next thing you will need to do is dig a trench around the desired area. The size should be at least 2” deep and approximately 10” to make room for the cement. Make sure that the entire trench is of equal proportion regarding depth and width. Using the mortar mixer, add the concrete and other materials used for bonding as well. You can add some coloring into the mix that can suit the theme of your house’s exterior better. Now, you will need to pour the mix in the extrusion machine and carefully lay the concrete in the trench. Carefully go around the entire area, making sure that you have enough concrete for the entire trench. Finally, using the decorative stamp you have chosen, carefully mark the edging until you have covered the entire thing.

It is with utmost importance that you have experience in home improvement before you choose to go on with this task. There are certain things that you might miss out such as drainage and where water will travel when it rains. You also need to have some knowledge in handling equipment such as the mortar mixer and extrusion machine in order to do this properly. Having that in mind, flowerbeds with cement edging that you have done on your own will not only save you a huge amount from professional fees, but it is something you can brag about with your neighbors and be the community’s envy! Good luck!


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