How To Save Money on Christian Education Material

If you feel that your mission in life is to teach kids about the word of God and guide them in becoming good children of the Lord, you will need resources to help you achieve this goal. Christian education is not an easy task. You need time, patience and also money to teach. The current economic situation makes it even more challenging. However, if you are really determined to teach Christian education, the high cost of education materials should not stop you from your noble mission. There are ways on how to make Christian education available for kids without spending a lot of money.

Here are the steps on how to save money on Christian education materials.

  • Use the bible. This is the best book that you can use since it contains everything that the kids need to learn about the word of God. The kids can bring their own bible so you can go over the lessons together and everyone can follow. This may be available at their home so they don’t have to buy anymore. If they need to buy a bible, they can find one for a low price. There are even religious organizations that donate bibles for free. Check with the local organizations in your area and see if they can donate bibles to your class. There’s no need to purchase other books, the bible is enough to teach Christian education. If the kids have their bible, they will be familiar with the words written in it as they can read this even after your class.
  • Download resources on the Internet. There are several sites which offer free download on Christian education resources that contain lessons and activities that you can do in your class. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each site before downloading anything. If it says it’s free for downloading, then you can go ahead and get a copy. If not, then find other sites where you can download for free. Some of the sites that you can access are zmf, Omega Discipleship and BJNewLife.
  • Prepare activities that will make learning enjoyable for kids. Aside from the usual bible reading, think of activities to make learning fun for them so that they will be more willing to participate. This will also spark their interest and will make it easier for them to remember what you teach. You can play games and do crafts. Make sure that all of these have something to do with your lessons so they can relate the activities with what you teach. This will not cost you anything because all you need is research and creativity. If you will be using materials for these activities, find things that are readily available at home so you and the kids don’t have to purchase anything. Another activity that will not require you to spend anything is asking the kids to make a skit or short play for a specific lesson. You can divide them into groups. This will not only show what they learn and understand from the lessons but this will also develop teamwork among them.

Like the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” If you love what you’re doing, you can make anything possible.


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