How To Save Money on Framed Art

Framed art works are very simple yet beautiful additions to any room. A simple photograph can say so many things and tell so many stories. If you have the perfect piece of art to hang in a room but is worried about having to spend so much on framing it, you need not worry. You can easily save money on framed art.

The best way to save money on framed art is to frame the painting or picture yourself. Wondering how you are supposed to do that? Follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Measure the size of your picture or photo. To be able to choose the right size of frame for your art, you have to know what the dimensions of your art are.
  • Gather the materials that you will need. Now that you have the size of your art work, you can get the materials that you need. First, you will need an off-the-shelf frame that is at least four inches larger than your art work. Next, you will need a frame mat with its outer dimensions the same size as your frame and the cutout center with ½ an inch extended all around your photo.
  • Replace the photo mat with simple cardboard. If you really want to cut down on spending for your framed art, you can use a cardboard in place of a photo mat. Use plain white or cream colored cardboard, or whatever will look more attractive with your artwork. Although a photo mat will look more beautiful with your framed art, the cardboard should do just the same job.
  • Look for coupons in the papers. Shops like Michaels, Joann Fabrics, and Walmart give out coupons in the papers, particularly Sunday. Look for these and cut them out before you purchase your mat and photo frame. The discount will be of big help in saving money for your framed art.
  • Clean your frame. It is best to use cotton gloves or a piece of cloth when handling your frame so that you do not dirty it with the grease from your hands. Clean the frame with a piece of newspaper to make sure that there are no dust or specs on the glass, both inside and outside. It will be difficult to clean the inner side of your frame later on once you seal its back cover.
  • Put the art into the frame. Place your frame right side down on a flat surface. Make sure that the surface is clean to keep it from making your frame dirty again. Put the glass of your frame in place and insert the mat. Now take your artwork and put it on the center of the mat’s cutout. Get a piece of tape and stick the art in place. Once everything inside the frame is in place, put the back cover on and hang.

Remember to hang your framed art at eye level. Put it on an empty wall where people can easily see it. It can be a conversation piece, or just something nice to look at every once in a while. Now that you know how to frame your art less expensively, you can collect more prints, photos, and artworks to hang on your walls and entertain your guests.


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