How To Save Money on Utilities

Wasteful use of utilities can have a cumulative impact on a household's budget. By managing each utility, you can expect big savings as a whole.

Here are some ideas for saving money on utilities.

  • Take a shower instead of using the tub. Filling a bathtub can easily use up twenty gallons of water while a five minute shower will only use up around five gallons. Take a shower during the busy weekdays then reward yourself with a long soak in the tub during the weekends.
  • Upgrade your insulation. Heating costs can easily get out of hand when the heat escapes through half-a-dozen ways out of your home. Insulate your attic and walls, and don’t forget to include your garage. Apply caulk to weatherize your glass, such as your windows and door panels. Use reflective bubble foil when performing the installation yourself, or hire an expert to make sure the workmanship is solid.
  • Study your phone company's promos. Your phone company relies on you making expensive calls overseas for the bulk of its profits. To save money on calls, determine the off-peak hours for which to make them. Or you can use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which uses the Internet to make free voice calls to someone who is similarly connected.
  • Use electric fans and drip coolers instead of air conditioners. Such technology use far less electricity compared to the latter. You can also use fans in conjunction with air conditioners to lower room temperature a further ten degrees.
  • Eliminate extra phone service features. Cutting off call waiting, three-way conference and call forwarding can clip off several dollars off your monthly phone bill.
  • Determine which parts of your house use up the most electricity. Electric companies commonly hand out consumption charts that reveal which appliances and home electronics guzzle up the most electricity per month. They may even offer energy audits for free, where consultants will recommend effective steps to lessen your monthly electric bills. For example, replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent or energy-saving lights, and add skylights to bring in natural lighting in your house.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Set the thermostat to automatically activate half-an-hour before you normally arrive in your home. This will save you plenty in heating bills while allowing you to enter a warm residence after work.
  • Convert your flush toilet. By directly linking the flush handle to the valve, you can manually control how much water is used when you urinate or defecate, thus wasting less water each time you flush. You can also add a brick in the flush tank to reduce the amount of water used with each flush.
  • Add shade trees around your house. The shade will prevent direct sunlight from hitting your roof and raising interior temperatures to uncomfortable levels.

You can directly compute the savings you make by performing these steps when you compare your previous utility bills with current ones. Keep adding new ways to save up on utilities to push the bills down further.


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