How To Save Money on your eBay Selling Fees

You can make money by selling vintage items on eBay, the online auction site. However, by reducing your selling fees, you can increase your profits per item sold.

Here are several ways to save money on your eBay selling fees.

  • Upload your photos on free photo-sharing sites. EBay allows for one free photo of the item to be sold then charges for additional image. However, by opening to free photo services like flickr and photobucket, you can upload as many images as you want then display the links to your eBay page. Not only will you save on image fees, but also you will help possible customers in their decision by providing all the visual information they need.
  • Obtain a PayPal Merchant Discount. Volume merchants can benefit from a discount based on the volume they sell every month. Study the fee structure, access your PayPal account and then apply for the discount.
  • Adjust your initial price. EBay has a detailed policy that determines the insertion fee it charges for the initial price of every item you post. For example, an initial price of $49.99 will require a fee of $1.20 while a price of $50 will be charged $2.40. Read the starting price fee chart thoroughly then set your price accordingly.
  • Learn HTML. While beginners can pay for eBay’s listing designer service, experienced sellers can use their HTML skills to create their own template and avoid paying for the programming. You can also have a trusted person skilled in HTML to do the designing for you.
  • Sell premium items. EBay uses a sliding fee scale that rewards more expensive items with a lower percentage fee. Even if you insist on selling less expensive items, post a few premium products to benefit from this policy.
  • Let interested buyers avail of Second Chance Offers. Once the auction has ended, you can scan through the list of everyone else who bade on the item and their final bid. If you find this satisfactory, use the Second Chance Offer so they can take it while avoiding listing fees. Another way to avoid listing fees is by using Dutch auctions, which lets you sell several items using only a single listing. Take note that Final Value fees may still apply.
  • Start an eCommerce store. A fixed payment eCommerce store can allow you to sell as much as you want without having to pay a fee for each item sold. This technique is recommended for experienced sellers with a ready supply of items and a steady demand from regular buyers. Have a token product on eBay to draw in new buyers then lead them to your website for a full gallery of the rest of your wares. Professional sellers can hire employees to create and maintain the website.

Continue to use your eBay account even if you create your own Web selling empire. EBay will always be a good distribution channel to maintain as you explore other means of reaching clients.


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