How To Save your Brittle Nails

Do you ever get tired of looking down at your hard and brittle nails? A lot of reasons come to mind as to what caused them to become like so but that doesn’t stop you from wondering how to protect them. Of course you want to keep your nails in good condition and there is no denying that their current shape does not depict the healthy looking state they should be in. Just by being acquainted to the key terms and phrases this article will provide you with, keeping your nails looking good as new is nowhere near impossible. To find out the secret to healthier and more desirable looking nails, just keep reading and scrolling the article to gain insight on the right way to protect your nails!

  • Before anything else, it is important to look at the state of your nails in light of your work related and habit formed activities. Moreover, daily routine can cause the damage of your nails so it might be a good idea to pay close attention to your daily activities. Avid nail bitters tend to experience the same condition due to their persistent biting. Together, these activities can bring about rough edges around the nails making cracks and brittleness a most likely occurrence.
  • More likely than not, longer nails are most definitely prone to brittleness. Depending on one’s maintenance value, long nails on work heavy tasks and daily routines are not recommended. If you plan to grow your nails long, be sure that you are able to overlook the possibility of brittleness due to the demanding conditions of your daily routine. As much as possible, short nails are the way to go. If looked after, shorter nails do not pose any red flags to possible brittleness. Be sure to give your nails a good trim every other week to make sure they are not left to grow unnoticed.
  • Secondly, realize the importance of a healthy diet. Getting enough nutrients and vitamins is a responsibility you have to your body. Moreover, the appearance of your nails can act as indicator of your nutritional intake so it is vital to manage your dietary values accordingly. If you are worried about weight gain, there are ways to maintain a good weight and stay in shape without having to compromise your own health and nutrition. Observing a well-balanced diet is one way to defeat the nasty roughness of brittle nails. You can also attune yourself with a variety of vegetables, fruits and high in protein seafood. If you can, pop a vitamin for energy and protection at least once a day.
  • The maintenance of your nails is also dependent on the moisture it receives. Whether or not this applies to you, save yourself the possibility from inheriting such by applying some body lotion or hand moisturizer in the area surrounding your nails. Apply this especially after you have just come out of the shower for best results.

If your daily routine involves your hands being immersed in water or liquid chemicals for long periods, consider purchasing some gloves that could best aid you in your attempt to rid off the brittleness caused by the activity on your nails. Try adding an extra coat of clear or see through nail polish every now and then to act as a protective layer against any threat. Finally, remember to use your nails accordingly. Do not use let your nails to the job of other tools. Be cautious about your nails as they do speak volumes about the measures you take to protect your body.


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