How To Say Hi to a Stranger

Have you ever been in a situation when you meet someone and feel the urge to say hi?  Saying hi to a stranger can be embarrassing if you are rejected. Learn how to say hi to a stranger properly to ensure that you will not feel embarrassed. Whether you are saying hi with a stranger in a bar or in the street, being friendly will not hurt.

The feeling of walking along the street with your head up and your teeth are flashed into a welcome smile can easily brighten your day. Cherish the brisk walk and look up. The flowers along the sidewalk do not need your attention. Smile and greet the people around you. Who knows if you are bumping into your future partner or your future boss?

  • At most times, you are walking fast without noticing people around you. Start observing the familiar surroundings and the people that you meet. If you are suddenly caught in an eye contact with a stranger, do not look away. Smile and say “hi” or “good morning”. The tendency to look away is natural, but you should try to fight it and learn to become friendly. Most people cannot refuse a friendly smile. Do not feel rejected when the first person you smiled to did not notice you. Even a tiny nod is an acknowledgement of your greeting.
  • If you see a cute baby on a stroller, stop and admire the child. Say hi to the child before you say hi to the person pushing the stroller. You can even open up casual talks such as the age and the gender of the baby. Make sure that you maintain being just friendly, and not bordering on being persistent. Do not scare away people by being too friendly.
  • Smiling while walking in the park will not make you look like a freak. Make sure that you project a friendly smile rather than a flirty smile.
  • If you are sitting alone in a bar full of people, smiling to a stranger can mean danger. Do not smile and approach a stranger if you refuse to be treated as a person looking for casual fun. If you want to have a company in a bar, make sure that you project a warm but not a flirty image. Some decent bars have decent guests that can be a potential place to establish business contacts. Stay friendly yet reserved.
  • If you are in a restaurant and you feel like the person next to you are staring, assess the person well. If you feel that it’s safe to acknowledge the other guest, then go ahead and smile a little. Being friendly won’t hurt.

Keep in mind that some people value their personal space too much. If you feel that the person does not have a friendly aura, back off and leave your friendly gesture to someone else. When you chat with a stranger, make sure that you do not ask anything too personal, the same way that you should not divulge personal information about you. Being friendly can help you maintain a shiny disposition that can be contagious. Smile and spread the love! 


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