How To Scan a Document on an All-in-One Printer

Scanning is the process wherein a printed document is converted into a digital copy. Scanning important documents such as identification cards, birth certificates, and other legal papers is a great way to ensure that you keep a backup copy in case of loss or fire. Before the availability of scanners, you used to make several copies of important papers using a photocopier, and keep these copies in different places.

The beauty of using a scanner to make copies instead of a photocopier is that you can access and reprint the document at any time. Scanners come in various types and sizes; one of the most convenient type of scanners is the all-in-one printer. All-in-one printers are the type of printers that allow you to print regular documents from your computer, make copies like a photocopier, and scan documents to be saved or printed. If you recently acquired such printer, maximize the features and start scanning important documents.

  • First, you need to connect the printer to your computer. Most printers allow a plug-and-play features, wherein your computer will be able to automatically detect the printer without the need for any installation process. If, however, the printer does not come with this function, then follow the installation guide that comes with the printer.
  • Examine your new printer. The main noticeable difference between your new printer and other printers is that the lid can be opened, and a glass is visible. This will be the area where you will place the document to be scanned. Use a lint free cloth to wipe the glass so that no dust or fingerprint is visible.
  • Get the document that you want to scan and place it on the glass – the document facing the glass portion. Check if you have aligned the paper on the markers on the glass. Gently close the lid to prevent the document to change position. You should try to remember not to force the lid to close as you might damage the glass.
  • Open the scanning program. If you are using Adobe Photoshop, you can find the “Import” function on the file menu. Select the scanner model from the list that will appear. At times, the printer comes with a software that you can use. This software is relatively easy – all you need is to select “scan” from the choices available. You might want to preview the document before the actual scan. A preview option is available so that you can check if the alignment is right, and the image is sharp enough. Keep in mind that the preview is just a snapshot of the actual scan. You can adjust the resolution of your scanned image. If you wish to simply archive the document, a lower resolution will do. If you intend to print the scanned document, you will need to choose a higher resolution. It is recommended to scan at a higher resolution, and then adjust according to your requirements. A reminder though, using higher resolution when scanning will result to a bigger file size.

Scan the document and wait until the scanning is done. The process may take a while so be patient. Save the document once you are done with scanning. Repeat the same steps if you wish to scan several documents.


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