How To Scan Photos Using Canon Scanning Software

Canon is a world-famous producer of electronic devices like scanners. Using its scanning software to scan photos is possible if using a supported scanner. Most of its supported scanners are, of course, Canon scanners. Usually, Canon scanning software pieces work similar to other scanner software. The only differences are the user-interface and the available options for enhancing scanned images. Here’s how to commonly use a Canon scanning software to scan photos:

  • Put the photos on the Canon scanner. Open the scanner’s document cover. It will reveal the flatbed glass where the scanner light runs through to scan photos. Put the photos, facing down, on the glass bed. Line up the photos from the corners of scanner boundaries. Make sure the photos are lined up straight or they will be scanned in an angled position. It’s okay to have some spaces between each photo as long as the photos are straight on the glass bed. Close the scanner cover once all the photos are lined up. Be careful when covering or else, doing so will change the photos’ angles.
  • Prepare the photos for scanning. Press the start button on the scanner, if it has. Then on the on-screen instruction, click the “Scan and Save Image” or similar command. Click “Next” until you get to the part where you will be asked to modify the photos to be scanned. Explore the options provided by the Canon scanning software.
  • Modify the photos. On the average, a scanning software will allow you to change the photos’ color mode (black and white, grayscale, and color), resolution, size, and scale. Look for the “Preview” button or similar command to check the changes’ effect on the photos. You may crop the images by dragging the drawing box to your preferred part of the photos.
  • Scan the photos. Users are usually given the chance to undo the changes or save the changes. Click on “Undo” or “Clear” if you want to reset the image. Click on “Scan” or similar command to finalize the changes. Scanning may take a while if you’ve chosen the photos to have higher resolution or scale them up.
  • Check the scanned photos. By default, Canon scanning software saves scanned photos in My Pictures folder under the My Documents. The location will be different if you have changed the default. Look for the image from the specified location. Open it using an image previewer or a photo-editing software.
  • More photo editing. Some image previewers have basic photo editing functions like changing the color saturation, brightness, contrast, and size. There are more advanced image-editing software that can make advanced changes like combining photos, changing the background, or adding text on the photos. You may also separate the photos into single pictures using image-editing software.

What’s next after scanning and editing the scanned photos? You can upload it to your favorite online photo stock and share them with the world. Print them and include them on your newest scrapbook. Compile the photos and make a portfolio out of them. You can do whatever you want with the scanned photos. Scan more photos and other flat things like old paper money, documents, drawings, and old letters from friends. Follow the same instructions above to scan more flat things.


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