How To Score a Job Interview

In order for employers to pick out your winning resume, you should first make your resume attractive. Attractive, not in the sense of using scented paper or flowery writing, but with appealing concise and succinct writing. (The only field that I know so far that encourages creative interpretations of the resume is in advertising. Creativity is celebrated and innovativeness is required when presenting your portfolio/ resume). Apart from writing the winning resume, one must then follow through with a strong and highly impressive job interview. Here’s how to get that interview!

  • Drafting your resume
    • There are numerous templates for resumes available online that you can choose from. It doesn’t really matter what format you use just as long as all the important information such as name, contact number, job objective, work experience, educational background, certifications, and etc are included. The key to writing a good resume is using straightforward words and succinct writing. One should make sure to include all important information that may be selling points for your employer. Employers usually refer to your work experience and certifications section for this. You may omit information that may not be appealing or that is not needed by your possible future employer. For example, one need not list down that you worked part time at the burger joint in high school when you are applying for an IT supervisor position. But you may want to include your summer internship at Hewlett-Packard.
    • Tailor your resume to the expectations of the company and employer. Do not send out generic cover letters without even taking the time to know the name of the HR executive. Make sure that the names are spelled correctly and their designations are correct.
    • One downfall of most new applicants is writing a poorly thought out job objective. General terms such as “I want a job that will utilize my skills in (input skill) “will automatically have the HR supervisor dismissing your resume and putting it in the pile for shredding.
    • You don’t need to place your resume in any fancy envelope or print it on scented paper to make it appealing. Just make sure that your resume is presentable. Many applications can be filled up online for faster processing, but you should allot around 1-2 months for the process. You may call the HR department for follow up but do not call them if they specifically said in the ad that they will not entertain calls from applicants.

Once you are contacted for a callback, you should be optimistic but not complacent. Prepare for the interview as you would a thesis defense. Practice answering questions that are commonly asked like “What are your professional goals for the next five years?” or “Why do you think you are perfect for this job?”  Practice this in front of the mirror if you have to and remember that confidence is key! Confidence can be seen in the way you answer and handle yourself during the interview. And employers are more likely to hire a confident employee who they think has the potential to become a leader. Good luck on your job hunting!


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