How To Scrunch Hair without Gel & Mousse

Scrunched hair will jazz up your appearance. But be cautious because your hair might look oily and flaky if it’s not properly done. There are easy steps for you to scrunch your hair without using a gel or mousse. Read the article below for simple ideas.

  • Remove excess water from your hair. It is a fundamental process in hair care. This can be done easily by squeezing your hair through a towel or through your fingertips. However, don’t rub out water to avoid hair damage. Towel your hair tips lightly if they are still dripping after toweling.
  • Don’t brush your hair. Use your palm to flatten your hair and use your fingers to part your hair. Hair is weaker when wet so do not use a comb until it’s dry. Finger-comb your hair for now. Doing so will untangle your hair and it will make it healthy and look scrunched.
  • Visit a hair styling boutique. It may be costly but it’s the easiest way to get a scrunched hair. Cut a magazine photo of your desired hairstyle or print a hairstyle photo from the Internet and bring it to the boutique to ensure that you’ll get your preferred hairstyle. Hair boutiques also offer other hair features to enhance the beauty and health of your hair.
  • Scrunching Curly or Wavy Hair
    • Use a curl-enhancing or volumizing conditioner and shampoo. Don’t use moisturizers because they’ll weigh your hair down and avoid effective scrunching. Ask friends or research online to find the best products available. Use a clean towel in drying your hair.
    • Use anti-frizz spray. Use both your hands to crumple your hair. Begin from the tips and work towards your scalp. Hold a hair section then use your hand to rumple it. Lift your hair from the roots. It is also an effective massage for hair healthier.
    • Use the blow dryer. Connect the blow dryer to its diffuser attachment. Position the diffuser so its teeth will hold your hair properly. Rotate the blow dryer. It will make the diffuser move through the hair. Rotate the dryer counterclockwise and clockwise to dry your hair.
  • Scrunching Straight Hair
    • Braid the hair. Use a light-holding spray in coating hair. Divide your into several partitions. Braid every partition. Use hair elastics so the division won’t unravel. Don’t unbraid your hair before sleeping. Remove your braids as you woke up. Gently comb your hair through your fingers.
    • Make your hair straight again if you desire. Visit a parlor or buy hair straightening products and do the procedures on your household. Carefully read the instruction on the products.
    • It is true that straight hair is beautiful but scrunched hair is more exotic. Maintain the feel and outlook of your hair by following the steps mentioned in this article. You can also ask advice from hairdressers and girlfriends in maintaining the hairstyle.

A scrunch hair looks great whether you’ve got dry or oily hair. The hairstyle is appropriate for proms, sexy dress-ups, and even corporate events. It’s about how you handle yourself. You can dangle several tendrils from your chignon or French twist or you can wear your scrunched hair with appropriate hair accessories. It’s also best to have because there’s not much fixing needed when you’re on a hurry.


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