How To Scuff Old Clear Coat to Apply New Clear Coat

Reapply another clear coating to your vehicle to make it look shiny and new again. It is also the secret to maintain the glossy finish of your vehicle. The new finish will protect your vehicle’s original paint. However, you need to remove the old shiny finish so the new coating will stick and stay. Below are effective guides on how to scuff old clear coat to apply a new clear coat:

  • Scuff the old clear coat. Overlap marks will be noticed even if they are applied on a similar area. Better scuff the old coat and then apply a new one than waste your effort and money. Use superficial scuffing to dull the chipped surface. Use 1000-grit sandpaper because it is the most effective for scuffing damaged surfaces. Use coarser sandpaper for deeper chips, fine-grit sandpapers to remove shininess in the area, and coarser sandpaper for heavily damaged areas. Scuff the section corners carefully. This is needed so the actual car paint underneath will not be removed. Elevated and edged corners can be damaged if you overdo the sanding. Flatten the rough edges around the chips. Use foam sanding block to do the final scuffing.
  • Apply new cleat coat. Use body putty to fill the chips. Visit vehicle repair shops to buy body putty. The surface of the newly filled chips will be smoother. Rub fingers over the surface. Sand more if you feel any roughness or until you are satisfied. Any extending chips in the car paint must be covered with a matching paint. Match the paint before you apply the new clear coat. New vehicles are normally shiny and it is a mystery for some people why they look glossy and flawless. In fact, you just need to know the proper procedures to keep your vehicle polished. If you’ve not maintained the vehicle properly, then its finish will fade out and your car will appear dull.
  • Notes about car repair. If your vehicle needs repair and you’ll need the service of a repairperson, then ask him the products that he will use. Ensure that the products that will be used for your car are safe and won’t be damaging for the clear coat finish.
  • Make research to identify the most appropriate products to use in your vehicle. Nowadays, there are various products that suit clear coats. Even if you don’t understand vehicle details, it’s vital to identify the best products for clear coats.
  • Take care of your car. The best way is to read the manual of your car to identify troubleshooting solutions to every car trouble. If you have lost your car manual or you don’t have one because you bought a pre-owned, just search your car model online to download a free manual copy.

Learn how to scuff old coat and apply new one to your car and save money. Also, learn car troubleshooting so you won’t be in trouble in case problems arise while you’re driving and there’s no technician or people to help you.


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