How To Season Crab Legs

When summer arrives, crabs are one of the best dishes that you should cook for the family. Crab legs have very tender meat that has a full but subtle flavor that everyone will love. To make the perfect crab legs, however, you need to season the crab legs very well. Here are some basic seasonings that you can use for your crab legs.

  • Prepare the liquid. Start by taking a large pot and filling it up with some water. Make sure that you have a pot large enough to put in all of the crab legs that are planning on cooking, and that you add just enough water to cover all of the crab legs. After you have filled it with water, take one to two fresh lemons and cut it in half. Squeeze the lemons so that all of the juice drips to the pot. Stir with a large ladle and then boil the water.
  • Old Bay seasoning. Once the water has started to boil, you will need to take a whole pack of Old Bay. Old Bay is a type of seasoning that can be used on a wide variety of dishes and meats, but it works perfectly with crab legs. Around half of the container should be used for a large pot for crab legs. Stir in the seasoning. Make sure that you let the water boil first before adding the Old Bay seasoning. This way, the seasoning will retain a stronger flavor and give you tastier crab legs. Stir in the old Bay seasoning with a ladle and make sure that there are no lumps floating in the water. The boiling water should help to dissolve the crab legs.
  • Cook. Once the seasoning has been added, you can start to cook the crab legs. Simply take the crab legs and carefully drop them into the pot. Drop them as close to the water as possible, so that the crab legs will not splatter when you drop them. Allow the crab legs to cook. Usually, the crab legs will finish cooking in as short a time as fifteen minutes. If you want well-done crab legs, you should let them cook for up to 20 minutes. Do not cook the crab legs too long, however, because it will toughen the meat in the crab legs and will make it very chewy and difficult to eat. Drain the crab legs from the water and then place in a large bowl.
  • Sauce. Now, the only thing left missing is some sauce where you can dip the crab legs. To make the sauce, simply take a clove of garlic and chop it very finely. After chopping, take some butter and melt it in low heat in a large pan. After melting the butter, brown the garlic in the butter and add some salt to taste. You can use this as the dip for your crab legs.

With these easy steps, you should be able to season and cook crab legs. Serve the crab legs while they are still hot, with some steamed rice or with some mashed potatoes for a filling and hearty meal.


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