How To See whether a Social Security Number is Valid

In the United States, the Social Security Number is one of the most used methods to identify a person. It is used in most public and private transactions. A Social Security Number is required when one seeks employment. Employers use this information to accurately file wage reports. If you are an employer and you want to check if the SSN submitted is valid, there are some options open for you. This is your safeguard that will ensure that the Social Security Number that was submitted actually matches the name on the record. Below are some tips to teach you how to confirm the validity of a Social Security Number.

  • One of the steps you can use is to find a Social Security Number validator online such as SSN Validator. You should create a login and password to avail of the service, which is provided by Crime Time Publishing Company from California. Read the terms and conditions for using the service to make sure what the service provides. Check out their rates for subscription at this page. The process needs you to enter the Social Security Number in the search box provided online. If you are an employer that hires several employees this will be an economical way to check SSN in bulk. The data source is from the Social Security Administration. The service also provides three free searches per day.
  • If you are the one mainly responsible for handling and reporting employee payroll, you can also go straight to the Social Security Administration website and register to create an account. You can access the online registration here. You will need your employer identification number among other things. Register and provide your user name and password.
  • After registration you will need to request for an access and activation code. Go back to the registration page and login using your user name and password and select the option to make the request. The activation code will not be given to you directly. It will be sent by mail to your employer. You will use this activation code to access the Social Security Number Verification System or the SSNVS. You need to input your user name, password and activation code every time you wish to access your account with the system.
  • The registration to use the SSNVS has an expiration date. Be sure to note this down so that you will be able to renew your registration on or before it expires. The service will allow you to check and confirm the validity of the Social Security Numbers and see if they match with the names that you have on file.

Although a Social Security Number should technically be valid, you cannot discount that there will be some people who would like to dupe you, hence the need to check its validity. This is a safeguard that the number and the person match and actually exist. Go to the Social Security website and download the handbook for Social Security Number validation for a complete guide on how to use the service. With the number of cases where fake names and/or Social Security Numbers being used for personal gains, it is a prudent action to take not just by employers but by other individuals such as rental owners.


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