How To Select a Lingerie Home Party Consultant

A lingerie home party is a unique take on throwing a girly get together. It’s a great theme to have for a bachelorette party, or if you simply want to have a fun night with your best girl friends.

If you want to have a lingerie home party, you need to have a lingerie home party consultant. This is the person that will be providing the lingerie that all the guests can try on. It has to be someone who can make other women feel comfortable about their bodies and liven up a dull atmosphere.

Here’s how to select a lingerie home party consultant.

  • Ask for referrals. The best and easiest way to find someone who can be the consultant at your lingerie party is to ask someone who has worked with such a person in the past. Referrals are always the best way to go because you have actual feedback about how the person is. If you don’t know anyone who has thrown a lingerie party before, check with a bridal events organizer.
  • Go to your favorite lingerie store assistant. If there’s a place where you always shop for your bras, lingerie and other unmentionables, ask the sales consultant. The store may actually offer the service for a nominal fee or perhaps even for free. You can probably even request your favorite sales personnel or work directly with the owner of the lingerie boutique if she’s available.
  • Check out the local adult store. If there’s a boutique in your city or nearby town that sells racy items for adults, go there ask check out the staff. The selection of the lingerie will obviously be more risqué, but it should add an extra element of fun. After all, it’s not every day that someone throws a lingerie party, so you may as well go all out.
  • Try looking online. Do a Google search and see what options are available in your area. If you live in or near a major city, it will be easy to find a lingerie party consultant. You can also try Craigslist or check the Multiply or Facebook pages of someone who advertises. Check out the services offered as well the as price range for the service provided.
  • Go with someone who is knowledgeable. It’s important that you go with someone who knows what she is going. She should know how to measure a woman for her bra and panty size. She should also bring her own tape measure. Also, she should also be able to explain the differences in material, construction and features of different sets of lingerie. She should also be able to find pieces that will be most flattering to different body types.
  • Get someone who can make you feel comfortable. Aside from know-how or experience, the lingerie party consultant you get should have a pleasing personality. She should be able to make shy women comfortable, especially since the party may entail you try different styles in front of other women, or lounge around in your underwear and silky lingerie. Talk to the consultant. She shouldn’t make derogatory remarks about other people’s bodies but be able to make other women feel sexy and confident.
  • Check out the available selection. Finally, the lingerie consultant should be able to bring a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from. It won’t be fun if there are no sizes available or if the designs are cheap or unflattering. Check the quality of the undergarments and the number of styles available. Check color options of different styles. There should be something for everyone.

Have fun at your lingerie party!


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