How To Select a Nail Polish Color

It may seem like a simple choice—and to some, it is—but selecting a nail polish color can be a lot of work, especially if you are the indecisive type. In this day and age, it really can be difficult to choose the right color for the situation, because it is an extension of your tastes and therefore, an extension of yourself. If you are a social butterfly the pressures can be even more demanding because you may think that going to more than one event with a single color of nail polish on your fingernails is unthinkable. Although that is not necessarily an unwritten rule, it is still important to be even just a little self-conscious when it comes to your image. After all, the best kind of respect is one you can only give yourself, and that is self-respect.

So how do you properly select a nail polish color which can cater to any event you choose? This article can give you the answer through a series of steps, acting as tips and advice you can follow in order to properly choose the best nail polish color for the situation. All it takes is a little creativity, a bit of common sense, and as was stated above, some self-respect. So if you have all of these qualities, then you should have no problem following the steps below:

  • Is it a formal event? If so, then you can always go with the tried and true, and that is the red nail polish color. This color always looks good with formal wear, and they look wonderful on both toenails and fingernails. Just make sure that your dress does not clash with the color, but even if it does, there are plenty of different shades of red you can choose from—it can even go to pink depending on both your skin tone and the color of your dress. More important than any of that however, is that red can be both respectable and attractive, and you really can’t go wrong with that.
  • Going for a fun look? Green is always good, and gives out a very fun and outgoing vibe. In fact with a little creativity, you can have different shades on each fingertip, getting stronger as it reaches the thumb. For the witty ones out there, having a green thumb while hanging around the garden or the park is an excellent way of showing off your perky and clever nature. However, green isn’t the only fun color out there. Blue can be just as fun, and so can pink! It all depends on the kind of environment you’re going to be around. A lighter (or paler) shade will always look good overall as well.
  • Getting ready for a day out in the winter? Blue won’t work so very well in this situation (you will just look like you have frostbite!), so a nice dark red would best suit you on a winter day. A pale shade of purple can be attractive as well.

Last but not least, a little experimenting goes a long way. If you trust your instinct then go with it. Just keep the tips above in mind when you do so!


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