How To Select a Paint Color for a Tray Ceiling

Tray ceiling is one of the known styles of ceiling there are. A tray ceiling usually looks like a tray, which was positioned in an upside down way. Most often than not, the ceiling’s side come with edges with four corners. These square shaped edges are frequently arranged along the ceiling’s flat surface in a succession of steps. One of the biggest advantages of this style is that it serves to increase the room’s perceived height. Also, it serves to provide enough amount of space in order for the ceiling to be decorated.

However, when it comes to the decoration, this is where most people encounter some problems. Selecting a paint color for a tray ceiling is one of these. And so if you are having the same predicament, consider the following tips below.

  • Decide on how to your tray ceiling should be painted. For this procedure, there are five (5) available options that you can consider:
  • First option: One way of painting your tray ceiling is by painting the vertical part of your tray step using the color that you have used in painting the wall while painting the horizontal part of the tray step with the same color you used for the ceiling.
  • Second option: Another choice would be to paint the entire ceiling and tray step using the same color.
  • Third option: The third choice that you can consider is to paint the ceiling a different color compared to that of the tray step and the wall, which has the same color.
  • Fourth option:  One more option would be for the whole tray step to be painted with a color that is different from that of the ceiling or wall.
  • Fourth option: Lastly, you can try painting the tray step’s vertical part and the tray ceiling’s whole portion using an accent color while the wall and the tray step’s horizontal part would be painted with the same color.
  • Decide on what paint color to use. It is only after you have decided on how your tray ceiling should be painted that you can select the color because its hue or shade will depend on how the tray ceiling is painted.

If you choose to paint your tray ceiling using the first option mentioned earlier, they it is imperative that you choose a color that would greatly add more drama and give more emphasis to your ceiling’s moldings. If in case that the second option is what you have chosen, in order to provide emphasis to this style of ceiling, the wall should be painted with a very dramatic color. This applies to the third option as well. For the fourth option, it is recommended that you choose a color that has a hade between that which you used for your ceiling and your wall. And if you choose the fifth option, it is advisable that the ceiling be painted with a dramatic color.

Make sure that you give importance to the color of the ceiling. To really give emphasis to the uniqueness of your ceiling’s style, it is recommended that the shade that you will use in painting the ceiling is one or two shades darker than that of your tray ceiling.


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