How To Select a Portable GPS Navigation System for Your Vehicle

With the advent of GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation units for cars, it has become safe and easier to drive. This technology uses satellites to help you find your exact location while in your car even if you are on the go. More so, it also provides you the various routes and directions that you can take in order to arrive at you destination. But with all its advantages and perks, it has become a difficult task to selecting a portable GPS navigation unit for your car due to the variety of options available. And if you are experiencing the same difficulty, you might want to consider the following points below in purchasing your very own GPS navigation unit.

  • Is it user-friendly? It is extremely important that your GPS navigation unit for your car is easy enough to use since you would be driving at the same time. In using it, you would need to multi-task so it is vital that it is not complicated to use. Check whether the screen can be read easily. It is not advisable to buy one which has a busy or too small a screen. Make sure that what is presented in it is clear and that the further steps or next options are apparent. Are they simple enough to understand? Are the instructions logical? Would you have to read the manual in using it? These are just some of the questions that you would need to answer.
  • Is the speech or voice output clear? The voice output is very important when you choosing a navigation unit for your car. The purpose of this is to lessen the instances when you have to look at the screen for directions and to confirm that you are taking the right lanes and turns. Make sure that the words are easy to understand and it is also advisable that the unit has a speech language.
  • What kind of battery is needed? Is the battery already built-in or do you need to purchase them from time to time? If it is built-in, how can it be recharged? How long does the battery last? It is advisable that you choose one that can last for more than four (4) hours in case you need to drive long. And if the battery is not built in, make sure that you have spare ones in case of emergency.
  • How big is it? Small units are easier to move from one car to another and are far more portable than larger ones. However, larger ones have bigger displays. Since it is critical that whatever is seen on the screen is clear, you would really need to think about what to choose between these two options.
  • How is it mounted? Take into consideration the easiness of moving it from one car to another. If you have more than one vehicle, is the unit capable of being mounted to all of your cars?
  • What maps are available? Make sure that the maps available in the unit are those which you actually need. If in case that not all of them are provided in the unit, can they be purchased for a reasonable fee and easily downloaded to the unit?
  • Does it operate everywhere? Check whether the unit can work in underpasses, bridges or tunnels.

There are a variety of GPS units to choose from. Others even include features like Bluetooth, language translators, audio e-book players, music players, traffic alerts and a lot more.


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