How To Select Accessories for Your Minimalist Style Home

Not everyone enjoys decor that consists of too much of anything. When it comes to a minimalist style home, what is given the utmost attention is simplicity and minimalism. In essence, cluttered spaces that are characterized disorganized furniture, different colors and patterns everywhere, are avoided. A minimalist style home goes beyond the boundaries of what is traditional in order to bring into effect a calm yet sophisticated living haven.

Many homeowners and home developers still take into consideration minimalist style when designing new homes. This means that there are still those people who love the idea of minimalism. In order to give a fresh look to your minimalist style home, it is great to know how to select accessories for it.

  • Choose the same colors. The ideal number of colors that you must consider for a minimalist style home is two. By means of choosing the accessories with the same colors, you will keep the room clean. Remember that the general rule about minimalism is to keep the design firm but not excessive.
  • Cover the windows with basic blinds. Use roller-type windows and cover them with draperies or basic blinds. Consider the direction of the blinds according to the spaciousness of the room. If the height of the room is bigger than its width, choose horizontal blinds. On the other hand, if the width of the room is bigger, choose vertical blinds to create a balance with respect to the dimensions of the room.
  • Do not put anything on the tables. The best way to display your tables is to have them as they are. Their being empty makes them look cleaner and fitter for the room. If you need a place for items to be kept, use drawers instead. The more items you display, the less likely your home will be able to show its simplicity.
  • Paint the walls instead of choosing wallpaper. Wallpapers are great because of the designs and the different combination of colors, but they do not give the right treatment to minimalist style home. Instead of choosing wallpaper, paint the wall with the color of your own choosing. Choose just one color that can match the room. Since pastel colors are calm colors, you can use them to add to the total appearance of the minimalism.
  • Minimize the number of paintings on the wall. You can have paintings on the wall, but make sure that you choose something that has a simple design. Hanging several paintings on your wall is not a good thing because it can void the whole essence of the home. If you are into painting and you want to hang some of your favorite ones in your home, consider if they can blend well into the rooms.

In essence, do not add too much to maintain the simplicity of your home. Choose the accessories that can be added without ruining the beauty of your minimalistic home. Feel the comfort of your home with the uncluttered accessories that you include to give the real essence of being at home.


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