How To Select Corolle Dolls

The French-made Corolle dolls are known for their excellent quality and high standards. These dolls are age-themed baby dolls with realistic features intended to aid toddlers in their early developmental stages. With the anatomically-correct Corrolle dolls, parents are able to use them to demonstrate hygiene-related practices. Each variety of Corolle dolls is intended for a particular age group.

These pointers will help you in selecting the proper Corolle doll for your child:

  • For newborns, choose dolls from the Babicorolle collection. Babicorolle dolls are ideal for infants to clench and cuddle, as they are very soft. Choking hazards are a non-issue because these dolls lack small detachable parts.
  • For children aged 18 months and older, choose the Mon Premier dolls. These Corolle dolls have soft bodies and moving eyes which any child would find loveable.
  • For children above three years, pick the Les Classiques dolls. The dolls from this collection come in five sizes. Choose the one that’s suitable for your child. These Les Classiques dolls have a wide array of apparel and accessories which will be appealing to your growing child.
  • For children over the age of five, the Miss Corolle dolls are recommended. These are the most sophisticated doll lines released by Corolle. The size ranges from less than a foot tall to almost one and a half foot tall. Girls especially will appreciate the Miss Corrolle doll for its hair because it can be styled. As with most Corolle dolls, the Miss Corolle has a wide variety of clothes as add-on purchases.
  • For older children, the Corolle modeling head is recommended. This is not a regular baby doll, but only consists of a doll head, designed for make up application or hairstyling. It allows children to practice their styling skills. It’s bundled with hair accessories and eye shadow for ready use.

There are a lot more varieties of Corolle dolls. There’s Interactive Language Lia, dubbed the ultimate doll who can babble, coo and suck on her baby bottle. Language Lia cries, laughs, burps and can speak four languages.

There’s also the Corolle's Potty Training Dolls, Paul and Emma. The dolls can be fed with actual liquids, and placed on the potty. If you squeeze the doll's tummy, it readily goes. By using the doll, parents can easily demonstrate how to use the potty.

Corolle has also come up with a Bathtime Baby Doll named Tidoo. The doll is washable and dries quickly. In fact, Tidoo can withstand warm water up to 40 degrees centigrade. Also, as with most Corolle dolls, Tidoo has that delightful vanilla smell.

Corolle dolls are undoubtedly good educational toys for children because they learn through role playing. Selecting the right Corolle doll for your child is easy enough if you consider the age-appropriate types discussed here. The modern times offer extremely helpful gadgets and educational toys that prove essential to parents. Allow these advances in technology to help you in child-rearing and get the appropriate Corolle doll for your little ones.


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