How To Select Disney Plush Toys

The Disney Company churns out a wide number of licensed products every year. Some of the most popular items for sale are plush toys. Disney plush toys can be enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults of various ages.

There are so many Disney characters to choose from, and just about all of them can be bought as a plush toy. If you can’t choose one you like, here’s a guide to help you make your selection.

  • Ask which character is the child’s favorite. The easiest way to narrow down the selection of which Disney plush toy to choose is to ask which one is the favorite. Most children will have an automatic answer. Once the child mentions which character is his most beloved, then you can further narrow down the choices by deciding which character style is the best.
  • Choose the outfit. Most Disney toys are sold in their classic outfits. However, there are some slight variations and nuances to some of the toys. For example, you can purchase a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse plush toy dressed as the groom and bride respectively. This may make a great gift idea for a couple that is engaged. Decide if you want the toys to be dressed in their original colors or classic outfits, or if you prefer that the toys are dressed in more whimsical and fanciful outfits.
  • Check the age appropriateness of the character. Some characters will be more familiar to some age groups compared to others. For example, Little Einstein characters such as Annie and Leo may not be as popular with school age kids as they are with preschoolers and toddlers. Classic characters like Pinocchio may not be as relatable to kids of this generation as Buzz Lightyear and Woody would be.
  • Consider the gender of the child. If you don’t know the favorite character of the child, you can go with the gender of the child. Characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Mickey and Goofy may be more popular with young boys. On the other hand, girls love Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Jesse of Toy Story, Tinkerbell and any of the Disney Princesses.
  • Choose a size. The plush toys come in various heights and sizes. Choose one that is comfortable for the child. If it will be displayed prominently in the room or used as a pillow, you may want to get a bigger doll. On the other hand, little babies and toddlers may prefer something that can be hand held.

Enjoy many hours of endless play with your Disney plush toy. You can also use the toy as a collectible item or a decorative element in your room. You may also want to complement the plush toy by purchasing the other Disney products such as shirts, mugs, lunch boxes and even towels and linens.

Whatever you decide to buy, read the care instructions of your toy and be sure to give your plush toy a good wash every few months to keep it looking clean.

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