How To Select Eye Makeup that Compliments African American Coloring

The eyes are the most prominent feature of the face. It is important to choose the right color to avoid looking like a drag queen. It is tricky to choose eye makeup especially for African American women.

Here’s a simple way to determine eye makeup that complements African Americans.

  • Determine skin undertones. Skin undertones vary from warm to cool colors. People with darker colored skin usually have cooler undertones. Dark chocolate colored skin fall under this category. Ebony colored people also fall under this category. On the other hand, people with lighter colored skin usually have warmer undertones. Copper, cinnamon and honey colored skin falls under this category. The majority of African American women fall under this category. Try to determine your own undertone or ask a professional.
  • Select a concealer nearest your color. People forget to apply concealer around the eye and on the eyelids. Not only do concealers cover up dark under eye circles but it also helps eye makeup stick. Apply a dab of concealer under, around and on the eyelids. Make sure to use a concealer that is nearest to your skin color. Start applying at the inner corner. This is where you will find the darkest skin color. Then apply outward. Make sure to pat the concealer rather than rubbing it on your eye. This prevents your skin from becoming loose making it more wrinkled in the future. Applying concealer before choosing your eye makeup will help bring out the right shade of eye makeup.
  • Choose your eye base makeup. It is very easy to choose eye base makeup. Just like the concealer, choose an eye base makeup that is closest to your color. Apply a thin layer on your eyelids. This too will help your eye shadow stick to your eyelids.
  • Choose your eye liner. The next step in applying eye makeup is putting on your eye liner. Women with warmer skin colors work best with darker liners. You can use brown-black or brown eye liners. You can also use rich soft brown colors. Avoid using black eye liner. Black eye liners will make your eyes look darker. For women with lighter skin color, use eye liners that are softer in color. You can also use brown eye liners.
  • Choose your eye shadow. Women with warmer skin colors work best with colors that range from orange to rust. Cinnamon and honey colored shadow also complements women with warmer complexions. Remember to apply the lightest shade first. Start from the innermost eyelid. Continue to add darker layers on top. You can add the darker shades from the outermost part of your eyes to create a smoky effect. Add a layer of your lightest shade just below your eyebrows. This will make your eyes pop. Apply brown-black mascara after. Women with cooler skin colors on the other hand work best with blue, pink and purple eye shadow. Try different shades of one color. Apply the lightest color first. Then apply the darker shades after. Use brown mascara rather than brown-black or black mascara. This will make your eyes look softer.

Remember to try out different shades. Most beauty stores have testers. Consult with their beauty consultants and try out the testers. It is important to try the makeup before buying to avoid allergies. You can use hypoallergenic eye makeup to avoid allergic reactions.


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