How To Select Face Makeup that Compliments African-American Skin Tone

Women of African-American descent have beautiful skin that comes in a variety of shades or undertones. It can be quite tricky to find the right face makeup since not all African-American women have the same coloring. Also, one person may not always have the same consistent coloring all throughout the face, making it even more difficult to find a true match when it comes to foundation.

Don’t give up on makeup products just yet. Manufacturers have come up with various shades and product lines formulated with a darker or browner skin tone. Here’s how to select face makeup that complements African-American skin tones.

  • Check your skin’s undertones. The first thing you need to do is to assess your face and your skin color. There are various shades to a person’s skin. Take a good look in the mirror so you can see what the undertone of your skin is. For example, do you have a more caramel-like complexion like Halle Berry, Tyra Banks or Beyonce? If so, then you have yellow or warm undertones to your skin. If your skin is more like Iman and Alek Wek or even Naomi, you may have cooler undertones or shades to your skin. Knowing this will help you find the best colors and shades for your complexion.
  • Use a concealer. If you have a splotchy complexion or have blemishes on your skin, your best bet is to use a good concealer before your use foundation to even out your skin tone.
  • Experiment with various shades. The best way to find out if the color suits you is to try it on. Go to the cosmetic counter of the department store and get assistance from the merchandiser. Don’t be afraid of playing with makeup. It’s the only way you’ll know if something that looks good on the palette or in the bottle will look great on your skin. Don’t judge makeup by it’s packaging or how it looks in the tube, palette or bottle. The only way to know if it looks good on you is to use some of it and see how it looks on you.
  • Don’t be afraid of rich colors. Black women have the luxury of going with richer colors. Unlike Caucasians, women of color can carry off even jewel tones on their skin. Green, mauve, plum and even gold look great on a darker base. Bright colors such as apricot and coral will look great on black women so it’s great as lipstick or blush. You can especially play up lipstick colors and try darker shades such as chocolate, burgundy, wine or mauve and plum. However you should probably stay away from very light and frosted pink.
  • Try brands or product lines formulated for black women. There are a rising number of cosmetic companies and product lines coming out in the market that are made specifically for African-American women. One of the most popular ones is Black Opal. You can also try the Cover Girl Queen Collection, which has Queen Latifah as the spokesperson. Another popular line is Flori Roberts by Color Me Beautiful.

Whatever colors you will choose, apply a little bit at a time. Go easy on the application so that your face will glow and look more natural.


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